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You know that at eosia, we advocate for a Whole Food plant-based kind of diet, which means that we believe that eating primarily fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, and seeds is the best way to ensure having a healthy and long life without chronic diseases.

That said, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a treat every once in a while with delicious plant-based cheese!  And now is becoming so much easy than it was a few years ago. There are many new products on the market, that it can get frustrating to know which one will give you the best taste and result for what you’re looking for. Well, we want to save you time by getting you a list of the best vegan cheeses brand.

Miyokos Creamery

Miyoko’s Creamery is made with the finest plant-based ingredients. Their vegan cheeses are made without artificial additives, preservatives, or animal rennet. This company was founded in 2011 by a longtime vegan chef named Miyoko Schinner, who specialized in French cuisine and fine cheeses. They have a fantastic variety of cheeses that are spreadable and meltable.

The best part is that they come in flavors like:

  • Classic Double Cream Chive – try this one with your morning bagel or toast add some micro greens and start the morning full of energy and with something out of this world. 
  • Fresh French Style Winter Truffle Cashew Milk Cheese – perfect to pair with some crackers and a vegan red wine. 
  • Organic Cashew Milk Mozzarella Smoked – craving a pizza with a twist? Try adding this delicious and surprising mozzarella to the base.

Violife’s cheese

Violife cheese products are made of filtered water, coconut oil, and starches, and they’re gluten-free and free from preservatives, GMO’s and ingredients you don’t understand. Based in the beautiful surroundings of Thessalonica in Greece, they’ve been committed to making amazing tasting, 100% vegan, non-dairy, non-GMO foods since the ’90s. Most people would say that this vegan cheese has the same taste as the original dairy product, and it melts just the same!

There are many different items such as:

  • Just Like Mozzarella shreds – No wonder why this is one of the mozzarellas most used by vegan pizzerias- it melts just like mozzarella and the flavor it’s so similar you won’t even notice the difference.
  • Epic Smoked Cheddar Flavor Block – it’s perfect to eat straight from the pack or sliced in a burger.
  • Feta – yes you read it right! With its beginnings located in Greece, it could not be otherwise! This feta cheese is ideal for adding to salads, toasts, or any other recipe since its sweet flavor and versatility make it suitable for almost any occasion!

Kite Hill

Kite Hill is a vegan brand that produces cheeses made from almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts. The company’s goal is to make vegan food accessible for everybody by creating high-quality products that are delicious and affordable. Kite Hill cheeses were founded in 2011 by Tal Ronnen, and he was a vegan chef who wanted to develop plant-based foods that replicated the taste and texture of traditional dairy cheese. You must try his cream cheese alternative. They are made with water or oil, coconut oil, tapioca starch, pea protein(non-GMO), sea salt (non-iodized trace minerals), cultures (lactobacillus sporogenes). It comes in many flavors, and it is just delicious.

  • Ricotta – we love adding this ricotta to our pasta! Especially with some broccoli and a touch of lemon! Just ideal.
  • Cream cheese – they have so many flavors that it’s difficult to choose from! Lately, we’ve been obsessed with the Pumpkin Pie seasonal! 
  • French Onion Dip – this one is a classic at every party; now, we have it in a plant-based version that everyone will love

Treeline Cheese

Treeline Cheese is made with sourced Brazilian cashew nuts that are grind and then culture with a vegan probiotic culture called Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which is what you find inside the probiotic capsules we buy as a supplement. 

They started the company to plant and nurture a more compassionate and sustainable future for all. So their products are free from animal products and kind with the environment.

  • Aged Artisanal Cracked pepper cheese wheel – elevate your snacking experience with this extraordinary cheese full of flavor and textures. 
  • Soft French-Style Harb & Garlic Cheese- We could tell you how we use this cheese, but it is so handy and delicious that we would never end – try and discover it for yourself.

Parmela Creamery

And lastly, one of our favorites is Parmela Creamery Vegan Cheese. It has that authentic cheesy flavor that you will come to love, and it is perfect for any dish that needs some extra oomph! The company was founded by Laurice Do in 2014. Pamela’s products are made from nut milk using techniques of culturing, aging, and ripening. This unique combination allows for a creamy texture and rich flavor that closely resembles traditional dairy cheeses such as gouda and cheddar.

  • Sharp Cheddar Slices- this aged and cultured for 60 days cheddar is perfect for taking your burger to the next level. Thanks to its deep and intense flavor, it’s also a surefire way to complete the perfect sandwich or wrap.
  • Fiery Jack Shreds is the ideal topping for revved-up nachos, hearty chili, or a bean soup like this one!

Summing up

These are our top 5 kinds of cheese that we suggest you try. We know that even though we narrow it down to 5, it’s still hard to pick just one. And our answer to that is don’t just pick one and try them all!

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