Sustainable and Vegan Lifestyle influencer shares HER EASY TIPS TO BE MORE SUSTAINABLE THIS SUMMER!!

Make Your Summer More Sustainable With These 5 Tips



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Sustainability isn’t a luxury, it’s a need. So let’s talk about How to be more sustainable

Summer is here! The days are now longer and the temperature is warmer. With more time on our hands, it is also crucial that we make decisions that will help us tomorrow.

Did you know 4.3 pounds of waste is generated per day by the average person?

55% of the 220 million tons of waste that is generated each year in the US ends up in a landfill. As we get ready to dive headlong into summer, it’s important to start considering the ways we can be more sustainable this summer. 

1. Goodbye Plastic

As the temperature rises, it may get a little difficult to resist some of our temptations like heading over to the nearest store and buying a bottle of water. However, before thinking about our convenience, it is important to reconsider the consequences of this impulsive purchase. 

Single-use plastic is one of the main reasons for marine pollution. Most of this plastic packaging ends up in landfills and is never recycled. Thus, cutting back on these products is a great habit to take up. 

2. Switch to Reusable Packaging

You can invest in a reusable-BPA bottle instead. Hydro flask bottles have become extremely popular in the market due to their use of recyclable and reusable materials. These flasks are made of stainless steel. Quench your thirst without harming the planet. Opt for a Tupperware to pack your lunch instead of cellophane sheets.

3. Grow it Yourself! 

One of the most wonderful ways to go sustainable this summer is by growing your own food. Buying foods from supermarkets contributes to a major chunk of environmental issues. From it’s one-time packaging, to the harmful pesticides that are used on them when they’re grown, processed food should generally be avoided. 

Reduce your carbon footprint by growing your own fruits, veggies, and herbs. Along with the numerous environmental benefits, growing your own produce tastes better, is healthier, and at times, is also way cheaper than buying from a store. Gardening is a great hobby to try this summer, you can involve your whole family, and it can be a fun activity for all to try.

4. Give Plant-Based a Shot!

The meat industry is a major contributor to CO2 emissions. Did you know 18% of all greenhouse gases are emitted from items like meat and dairy? This imbalance because of the meat industry also leads to environmental issues like acid rain, water degradation.

Your meat and dairy intake can greatly influence the way you approach sustainability. There are various dishes and foods that can help you adapt to a vegetarian diet easily.

5. Avoid Impulsive Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a big contributor to global CO2 emissions. Although the surge of happiness you feel after retail therapy may be gratifying, it has major consequences for our planet. From toxic chemicals and dyes to cheap polyester clothing, all add on to the pile of plastic waste.

Although it may be difficult to cut ties from old habits, you can always upscale your old clothes rather than investing in a new pair. You can cut that old top into a trendy new crop top!

Wardrobe swapping has become a very fun trend where you can have a new favorite outfit without harming the environment or burning a hole in your wallet. You can swap the garments you no longer require with a friend or colleague. 

There are numerous ways in which one can become more sustainable this summer. There’s no excuse for not doing your bit to save the planet. Every little change matters. And check my curated selection here before your buy!


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