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5 Vegan Substitutes For Fish Options



The Best Vegan Substitutes For Fish Options after you watch Seaspiracy!

Now that we have all seen Seaspiracy, the documentary film everyone is talking about (and if you are one of those who have not seen it yet, you better go and do it now). And that we’ve talked about the things we could do to help. Like, for example, stop eating fish. There is a question that keeps repeating itself, “What can I eat if I love seafood?” Let’s see 5 vegan substitutes for fish options I consider to be the best!

In today’s article, we are going to make your day with different alternatives to real fish. And believe us when we say that you won’t even notice the difference!

Good catch

From the founders of the popular Wicked Healthy blog and prepared food brand, Good Catch has amazed everyone with its tuna products. The packaged vegan tuna and crab product line is now available at many locations in the US and Canada, including Whole Foods, Wegmans, Gelsons, and Veggie Grill.

Loma Linda Tuno

If you like tuna, Loma Linda Tuno is your brand. This brand focuses on creating tuna with different flavors. And they are delicious! Some varieties are Sriracha, Thai Sweet Chili, Sesame Ginger, or Lemon Pepper. All amazing!

Plant Based Foods Cavi-art

Plant-Based Foods has created vegan caviar for the most refined and sophisticated palates. These salty umami pearls are made from seaweed, water, salt, spice extracts, and a stabilizer to give them a unique fish egg texture. But obviously without the fish. Although it can be challenging to find, it is something you have to try at least once!

Sophie’s Kitchen

This vegan company makes a variety of “fish” products, including shrimp and fish fillets, smoked salmon, crab cakes, and canned tuna. Sophie’s Kitchen provides a wide variety of products, always truthful to their motto: Plant-based Seafood that’s tasty AF (as fish)!


Do you miss the taste of umami on your bagel? Try JINKA’s vegan tuna spread. Obviously, dairy-free and fish-free, this lightly textured, spreadable tuna works as a dip, spread, stuffing, and topping. They have various flavors; the Original, Lemon and Dill, and Spicy. You can find it in some stores and on the internet.

Summing up

Today there is no excuse to continue consuming fish. If what you miss is the taste, you have a wide variety of brands to satisfy your palate. These 5 Vegan Substitutes For Fish Options are my top 5, however, you can find more! And remember, every little thing we do counts. If we all stopped eating animal products, no one would produce them.

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