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The team

Who forms eosia?

eosia is created by busy people for the hustlers that care about the world and themselves. Together with a great team of healthy and sustainable life seekers, my main goal is to help you feel the best version of yourself!

About Sanza

My journey began many years ago when I started to investigate the intrinsic relationship between what we eat and our health. I have always been a bookworm; therefore, I would devour any book that fell into my hands on the subject.

While studying architecture, my way of releasing pressure was to cook. So I was able to put all that accumulated knowledge into practice.

Stretching the thread, I came to a whole food plant-based diet and how it has a positive impact on our health and the planet. This discovery was a game-changer and generated a flood in all directions. It led me to question many things about my lifestyle, what I ate and what I wore, the products I used for my skin, my choices when traveling, etc.,

During all these years, I have seen how my actions have aroused the interest of those around me, generating questions and positive changes in their everyday.

That’s why I started eosia. eosia was born with the aim of helping anyone who seeks to feel better, achieve their well-being, and/or help the planet. The beauty of eosia is that you do not have to be interested in everything, but whatever part you decide to do, you will be contributing to the whole.

I know that at first, it can be overwhelming, I have also been there – in fact, I am still there, learning every day, looking for new things to bring you – new data, new information, new products, new methods – this is the deal: we will do the heavy lifting, so you just have to enjoy!

If it’s still too much- Download the eosia beginner’s guide.

Download the eosia Beginners Guide

Instead of a strict diet, calorie counting, and exercise routine, or expensive “quick fixes,” eosia focuses on helping you make small, sustainable changes that will last a lifetime!

It’s not about dieting; it’s about living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle!

Download the eosia Beginner’s guide here and learn more about how to smoothly switch to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle with simple and joyful tips based on four pillars that will lead you to the best version of yourself.

Receive the eosia Beginner´s guide with unique recipes!

At eosia, we’re all about the community. Whatever your motivation might be, eosia is here to guide you on your journey.- We would love to hear about what moves you! Please send us a line to, and tell us all about it, or to say hi!

You know, Real Food for Real People in Real Life.

Welcome to eosia!