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What is eosia?

eosia is a digital magazine that helps busy women to improve their health and wellbeing while taking care of the planet.

We offer practical advice and actionable steps to empower you to make the changes you are looking for in your life. We taste the waters so that you don’t have to. 

eosia is the place to go to feel healthier, more energized, have more time for yourself, and live a happier and more sustainable life

Why eosia?

eosia was born from the need to stop being a mere spectator and take action.

Whether your approach is being more sustainable – why wait for politicians to agree? Why not implement simple measures in our day-to-day to initiate change?

Or being healthier – not settling for being a patient and waiting to alleviate the symptoms of modern diseases with over-the-counter solutions or quick-fixes. 

Why not own it, and take small daily actions to improve our health today. It is, without a doubt, the best health insurance policy!

What to expect from eosia:

Real Food Recipes by Sanza and other featured guests that are quick, easy, healthy, and delicious- all time proofed!

Health – Information to nourish your body and on how to get enough nutrients to feel amazing.

How to series– about multiple topics related to health, sustainability, food, travel, beauty, style, and much more!

Travel – tips to know where to go, plant-based healthy restaurants, sustainable hotels, and city guides.

Beauty – the latest in cruelty-free, toxic-free products. All tested for you by the eosia team!

Style – all about sustainable fashion and brands, how to edit your wardrobe, and building your own sustainable uniform with unique pieces that will fit your style.

What to read and watch at S’s Club book- We will share books and documentaries that will challenge you or ease you, depending on your mood!

All in all, at eosia, you will find everything you’re looking for to live a healthier and more sustainable life. No matter if you are already a pro or if you are simply testing the waters. Whatever your question is, here you will find an answer. And if not, send us a line! We love reading all your emails!