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Since we discovered sundays, we’ve been captivated by the brand. Their gorgeous colors, their Nordics-style salons- perfect for meditation, and of course their values and their high-quality products. 

That’s why collaborating with them felt like the perfect match for eosia.

Today, we want you to fall in love with them as much as we did, and we couldn’t think of a better way than with a tea chat with Amy- sundays founder and soul.

Tell us more about your story – who is Amy?

I grew up in China, and I moved to the States when I was 20 because I wanted to work in fashion, so I enrolled in Parsons. But one day, I was with a girlfriend having dinner, and she mentioned she was working at a nail salon. She talked about the industry, and I found it so interesting that I  decided to go to nail school.

Interesting! So did you start right away with sundays?

Not right, away. I  did a lot of soul searching. I  want to create something I really loved, as I knew I would spend many years of work and effort to build it.  So as I  said, I went to nail school and learned all about the business. And when I did so, I found myself struggling. 

Traditional nail salons are hot, humid, and filled with toxins. Every single product is full of damaging chemicals and vapors. At some point, they even told me that I was too young to be in the nail business because I could potentially affect my chances of being a mom in the future! 

So that lead me to build my toxic-free, cruelty-free nail brand.  I wanted to create something safe for the clients, the workers, and the planet. 

So inspiring. So let’s talk about the nail polishes- tell me more about the composition and the colors.

I developed the products from scratch with the help of a chemistry. It took us a while to find the perfect long-lasting nail polish that was toxic-free, cruelty-free, pregnancy-friendly, as there was nothing like that in the market. But we finally found the perfect formula, which allow us to focus on the packaging and the colors. I wanted something simple and gorgeous for the clients and easy to use for the specialists. That’s why we ended up identifying the colors with numbers instead of names. And we limited them to several elegant and evergreen pigments. I feel like they have no age. 

That can also relate to the studio- the interior design is beautiful and welcoming- where did you get the inspiration from?

I wanted the studio to be like home; I wanted to welcome my clients to my house- not just a studio.  I wanted people to feel relaxed and spend time here. When conceiving this, I remembered my trip to the north of Europe. And how they invest in their interior design because they spend so much time indoors during the winter. They use wood to calm the senses and fabrics to warm up the environment. We combined those with the sunday brand colors, which are also smoothing to invite people to meditate and feel comfortable. 

Talking about meditation. Apart from being a toxic-free, plant-based brand, another thing that makes you completely different from the rest is that you offer guided meditations while having your nails done. How did you come up with this idea?

Working at nail salons for a long time, you notice that there are mainly two types of clients. Those who come and want to have a pleasant conversation with their manicurist and enjoy some tea talk. And then others that want to get into their zone. Abstract from their day-to-day and just be there doing something nice for themselves. And if you notice, when you’re having a manicure done, you’re already in a meditating position, sitting up straight, with the legs uncrossed. And that inspired me- why not help these women with a guided meditation that lasts the same as the manicure? That way, you can do some self-love to your body, mind, and soul simultaneously. 

We’ve heard that you just launched a couple of very exciting products, tell us more about it!

Yes, we did! For the first time, we’ve partnered to co-create three colors inspired by emotions with Tara Styles- a wellness expert and founder of Strala Yoga. You’ll find  Ease- a versatile polished pink that fits into your life “with ease.” Create- a deep purple that moves to create and Inspire- a beautiful bright pink-purple color that will get the best of you!

And this Fall, we are launching 3 custom color boxes based on feelings of self-love, fearlessness, and beauty. We are so excited to launch this campaign, all about falling in love with yourself again this season.

That’s wonderful! And to close, what tip would you give to someone who wants to start taking care of themselves but doesn’t know where to start?

I would say start doing something, even though it is very small, that makes you feel good, like changing to a non-toxic manicure. And build it from there with baby steps so that you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Remember that for being part of eosia you have a special discount at sundays! Use the code sanzaskitchen when checking out on their website!

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