How to Boost Your Collagen With a Plant-based Diet



The secret to have a beautiful glowy skin: Boost your Collagen!

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The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘collagen’ is that it is animal-based. And this isn’t a fact we can deny, because yes, collagen gets extracted from animal bones. But gone are the days when we had to rely on animal-based collagen to meet our dietary requirements. 

We are now in an era where the vegan version of everything is available, and collagen is no exception! We now have vegan collagen – and this article is all about helping you understand how to boost your collagen with a plant-based diet.

Let’s begin with understanding vegan collagen sources.

Incorporate all Nutrients in Your Diet

Foods rich in Vitamin A and C are essential when it comes to collagen production in our bodies. Including foods rich in these nutrients will help our bodies generate enough beta-carotene, which is vital for collagen. Also, Vitamin C brings in loads of antioxidants, essential to reduce inflammation in the body.

So what are the foods we need to consume often so that our bodies can produce collagen by themselves?

Berries, citrus foods, spinach, almonds, carrots, pumpkin seeds are a few of the many plant-based collagen boosters

The best part about all of these fruits, vegetables, and seeds is that we can cook them, add them to our salads, or even smoothie them up!

Try this powerful berry smoothie!

Have an Anti-inflammatory Diet

Research states that vegan diets are anti-inflammatory as as opposed to diets based on animal products that create inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory foods are catalysts to collagen production in our bodies, so it is advisable to ensure we switch to a whole-food plant-based diet to reduce our overall inflammation. 

The most anti-inflammatory foods out there are avocados, cruciferous vegetables, almonds, beans, and extra-virgin olive oil, as they have exceptional antioxidant properties.

How about starting your day with a delicious sprouted bread, like Ezekiel, with avocado and microgreens?


Opt for Supplements

While supplements are the easiest way to ensure we have enough collagen intake, not all are plant-based. We need to be careful when we pick collagen supplements and ensure they are vegan. Now the question is – how can collagen be vegan when it gets extracted from animal bones?

Here’s some exciting news for all those wondering – researchers have now found out that bacteria P. Pastoris is the most effective and commonly used element to engineer high-quality collagen genetically. So instead of extracting collagen from bones, this collagen is cultured using fermented yeast and bacteria.

Have you tried adding this one to your coffee?

Summing Up: Boost your Collagen with a plant-based diet!

The amusing part is that vegan collagen boosters are way more effective as compared to animal-based collagen. Now that we are well-aware of the different ways we can boost collagen levels in our bodies, the choice is entirely up to you – whether you opt to add more collagen boosters food into your diet or to incorporate a vegan collagen booster.

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