Dairy And Its Effects on the Body. Discover Dairy harmful effects on the body with eosia.

Dairy And Its Effects on the Body



Although dairy has been a staple for centuries it has its dark side, discover its harmful effects on the body

Quite a lot of us here are dealing with persistent skin ailments (acne, to be specific!). One of the very first things the dermatologist would tell you to do is cut down on junk, gluten, and, well, dairy. The last one is not really surprising – recent studies have shown that dairy is the root cause of not only skin ailments but a whole range of other illnesses in humans. But that’s not all, dairy has plenty of harmful effects on the body.

What was once known as the best source of calcium for us, is now proving to be harmful to our bodies in many ways. Along with frequent breakouts, bloating, digestive ailments and even an increased risk of cancer, dairy, and its consumption is now something we need to rethink.

Why to avoid dairy products – is what we will be addressing in this article. Let’s have a look at why we need to cut down on, and eliminate dairy from our diets. Keep reading to discover more about dairy and Its effects on the body.


3 in 4 people are lactose intolerant – and they aren’t even aware of it! While lactose intolerance has typical symptoms (belly bloat, cramps, diarrhea, gassy stomach, and even nausea), we actually tend to push aside these symptoms as ‘indigestion.’

And yes, we’re not alone – 65% of people across the world face this problem. We need to closely watch our bodies and understand how it reacts to a particular set of foods. Only then will we be in a position to infer our intolerance to dairy.

Lifestyle Illnesses

We work so hard to ensure cholesterol doesn’t accumulate in our bodies through gym and exercise and dairy does the exact opposite! Butter, cream, cheese, and other dairy products made from whole or reduced-fat milk are full of saturated fat. Saturated fat contributes to high cholesterol levels in our bodies, which in turn leads to lifestyle illnesses such as stroke and heart attacks.

Along with fat, dairy products are also full of sodium. Excessive consumption of sodium is linked to high blood pressure as well as other cardiovascular diseases. Along with these, dairy is also a causative factor for Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis.

Steering clear from dairy and related products would help cut down the risk of falling prey to all such dairy side effects.

Messed Up Hormones and Inflammation

The majority of cows across the world are injected with genetically modified hormones. This is usually done to increase the production of milk. But have we ever given it a thought – these injected hormones, which increase the profit of producers, are detrimental to human health?

Milk and other dairy products cause inflammation of the intestine due to their high concentration of two substances that promote inflammation: antigens (substances that trigger inflammation) and saturated fat. This, in turn, interferes with the different hormones in our body. The irritation caused by dairy products in our systems takes a long time to disappear, but with frequent / daily consumption of dairy products, this irritation would persistently persist in our systems creating chronic inflammation.

Researchers who have studied hormones in cows’ milk have expressed concern over the amount of estrone, estrogen sulfate, and progesterone found in milk and milk products. Some are particularly concerned with the hormone content of whole-fat milk, butter, and cheese, as estrogen and progesterone are fat soluble and cholesterol-based, and these foods are higher in cholesterol than lower-fat dairy products. Preliminary studies were conducted to see if the human body actually absorbs and is affected by these foreign hormones, ultimately concluding that yes, it is.[2] After consuming 600 mL/m2 of cows’ milk, participants plasma E1 and P4 levels increased while FSH, LH, and testosterone levels dropped significantly. What this means is that the sex hormones in the cows’ milk were absorbed by the body and threw the human body’s hormones off balance. The decrease in testosterone suggests that cows’ milk could negatively impact male fertility.

Summing Up

The negatives of dairy outweigh the benefits, and now is the time to think – do we really need dairy products to keep ourselves healthy and fit? Aren’t the negative effects of dairy straddling enough to decide to cut down on dairy completely? Well, it’s time to observe the way your body reacts to dairy and make an informed decision.

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Dairy And Its Effects on the Body. Discover Dairy harmful effects on the body with eosia.

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