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the Perfect Stir-Fry by eosia

How to Prepare the Perfect Stir-Fry



Prepare the perfect stir-fry is now possible. Follow this tips and have an amzing and healthy lunch.

Stir-frying is something we’re all well-versed with. After all, it’s a part of so many recipes – especially the Asian ones. The recipe specifically mentions stir-frying veggies or tofu, and we know what we have to do – chop the ingredients and toss them into the pan. Sounds right, but the whole question is – are we doing it in the right way? This is the way to prepare the perfect stir-fry.

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Here’s the fact – most people don’t know how to prepare the perfect stir fry. So today, let’s help you understand how to nail this cooking technique and get those crisp sauteed veggies on our plates. Let’s get started:

Pick the Perfect Pan

A wide pan or a wok is the best to flip the veggies in. These vessels are wider than the others and have ample space for you to give the veggies a quick toss. The wide surface also ensures the ingredients are evenly spread in the pan, giving them just the required sear.

Chop Ingredients Into Uniform Pieces

If you want all the pieces in the pan to be evenly cooked, we need to ensure we cut them evenly too. Slice the veggies (and other ingredients) into 1-inch long pieces before you put them into the pan for a quick stir fry. This length is enough for the ingredients to get cooked quickly.

Declutter the Pan

One of the biggest mistakes we make as we stir fry veggies or tofu is overcrowding the pan or wok. Irrespective of the size of the pan, we need to ensure that the ingredients have ample space to move around. Every chopped piece should have equal exposure to the heat, which is why we need to make sure we load the pan only as required. If needed, we can toss the veggies in two or more batches.

Preheat the Pan With Water

Those who opt for non-stick cookware need to preheat the pan with water. Non-stick cookware shouldn’t be heated when empty, which is why we need to preheat it with some water. Add a couple of spoons of water to the pan, and heat it on a high flame until the water evaporates. This would take a couple of minutes, and once the pan is nice and hot, we can add in the veggies.

Add in the Ingredients

Now comes the turn of the ingredients. Before we add the veggies, we need to add the aromatics. These include ginger, garlic, chilies, onions, and bell peppers. First, we need to stir fry them for around 2-3 minutes with a little water or broth until they have a soft texture.

Next, come the veggies that take a longer time to cook. These include carrots, turnips, red squash, cauliflower, and mushrooms. These require 6-10 minutes of stir-frying. Further, you can add the veggies that cook quickly – broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, and peas. The cooking time for these is 3-4 minutes. Now we can add the sauces of our choice before we proceed to add rice, noodles, or any grains to the stir-fried veggies.

Summing Up

A quick stir fry is all we need is for cooked yet crunchy textured veggies. And yes, we’ve told you the tips and tricks to stir fry – and we’re sure you’ll nail it the next time you prepare a stir fry recipe!

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