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Spring Gelato by sanza at eosia

Spring Gelato

Looking forward to the Summer season? Check out this delicious recipe that will help you feel the Summer vibes this Spring!

The spring food platter is all about color. I personally love adding the vibrant spring produce to all my meals, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner – our meals during spring not only taste delicious but look just as spectacular as well. Of course, complimenting our meals are the spring desserts – and one of my absolute favorites is the spring ice cream!

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This anti-inflammatory spring ice cream recipe contains two healthy ingredients – turmeric and rose. These ingredients blend beautifully in a subtly flavored delectable ice cream. I’m sure you can’t wait to try out the recipe, but before we begin, let’s understand why I’ve chosen turmeric and rose as the star ingredients of this plant-based ice-cream recipe:


Let’s have a look at why turmeric is one of the healthiest spices out there:

Anti-inflammatory Properties

The presence of curcumin, which is a bioactive compound, boosts the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. Long-term inflammation is a root cause of many illnesses such as heart ailments, cancer, Alzheimer’s, metabolic and degenerative diseases, and a lot more. When we add ingredients like turmeric to our foods, we cut down our risk of falling prey to these illnesses.

Boosts Antioxidant Level in our Bodies

Just like inflammation, oxidative damage too can ruin your body if not dealt with in time. Oxidative stress is mainly caused due to the presence of free radicals. Excessive free radicals in the body make us easily susceptible to signs of aging and a whole range of other ailments. The presence of curcumin blocks the action of free radicals and boosts the antioxidant levels in our bodies. 

Lowers Risk of Heart Ailments

The combination of inflammation and oxidative stress is a major driver of heart disease. As turmeric helps our bodies efficiently deal with both inflammation and oxidative damage, we automatically reverse the heart disease process. In fact, those diagnosed with heart ailments or those recovering from heart surgeries need to consider increasing their turmeric intake to help the heart recover faster.

Helps Fight Against Depression

Curcumin has been linked to reducing symptoms of depression. Thanks to the presence of curcumin, turmeric works wonderfully as an antidepressant. It helps boost and regulate the BDNF levels in our bodies (dwindling BDNF levels in our bodies can lead to depression). Curcumin also boosts the production of ‘good and happy’ hormones, which helps us uplift our mood immediately.


There’s not one, but many reasons why rose is known as the king of flowers – let’s find why:

Natural Aphrodisiac

The natural properties in rose help regulate our mind, nervous system, and even the heart! So while roses have always been an expression of love, they also work as a natural aphrodisiac. They help to feel energized, refreshed, revitalized, and more active sexually as well! Time to add some rose to our diets, right?

Aids in achieving our Happy Weight

Rose contains compounds that help improve the metabolism, which in turn aids weight loss. It helps satiate our senses, which ensures we don’t overeat. When we consume more of such foods, it helps us keep a check on our weight, without putting in the extra effort. Watching what we eat is one of the major aspects of getting to our happy weight.

Relieves Stress and Depression

Just like turmeric, rose, too, works as an amazing antidepressant. It helps tackle fatigue, stress, restlessness, and insomnia, all of which are symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Consuming roses can soothe the mind while boosting your mood and making you feel upbeat and energetic. 

Helps Regulate Digestive Disorders

The soothing properties of rose extend to the digestive tract as well. Those suffering from digestive ailments, piles, and other such illnesses should definitely consider adding rose to their diets. Rose contains natural fibers, water content, and compounds that aid in flushing out toxins from the body. In case you have an extreme case of piles, accompanied by incessant pain and bleeding, consuming rose in any form can help relieve your symptoms immediately. 

Perfect for Glowing Skin

Rose can be applied on our skin externally and also has benefits when consumed internally. After all, beauty reflects inside out, right? So as you apply rose water for fresh, rejuvenated, and youthful skin, you can also consume it internally to help soothe the skin inside out.

Now that I’ve told you everything you need to know about turmeric and rose, let’s hop on to the recipe instantly, shall we? I can’t wait to share the vegan recipe for this amazing dessert with you. And I sincerely hope you love it as much as all of us here do, too! Let’s go:

Spring Gelato by sanza at eosia

Spring Gelato

Looking forward to the Summer season? Check out this delicious recipe that will help you feel the Summer vibes this Spring!
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Dessert, icecream, Snack, Sweet
Calories 55
Cost $15


  • 1 ice cream maker
  • 1 high-speed blender


  • 1 can coconut cream
  • 1 date Medjool pitted
  • 1/2 cup cashews previously soaked for half an hour 
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1/4 cup pure rosewater edible
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract organic
  • 3/4 cup coconut oil cold-pressed melted

For the Garnish

  • 1 handful Dried roses edible


  • Blend all the ingredients of the ice cream on a high-speed blender, and put them in an ice cream machine. Depending on the model, it will take about 20 minutes to reach the creamy ice cream texture. 
  • When done, serve immediately, decorating with the dried roses or, place it in a container in the freezer until ready to use. Remember to remove the ice cream from the freezer at least 30 minutes before serving to get the creamy ice cream texture again. 
  • Enjoy!


Sodium: 1mgCalcium: 5mgVitamin C: 1mgVitamin A: 5IUSugar: 3gFiber: 1gPotassium: 78mgCalories: 55kcalMonounsaturated Fat: 2gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gSaturated Fat: 1gFat: 4gProtein: 2gCarbohydrates: 5gIron: 1mg
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Tried this recipe?

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