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Hermès Mushroom Leather Luxury Bag to Launch By End of Year by Sanza's Chick Kitchen

New Hermès Mushroom Leather Luxury Bag



Luxury moves towards veganism with new New Hermès Mushroom Leather Luxury Bag called Sylvania

The luxury brand Hermès moving towards veganism by launching a version of its iconic Victoria bag made with a vegan mushroom leather called Sylvania.

Hermés, intrinsically linked to leather, plans to launch a “leather” bag made from mushrooms. This new piece will be available for purchase later this year.

This will be the first time Hermès will be using vegan leather in its luxury products. The high-end French brand plans to reinvent its popular “Victoria” travel bag using a particular type of laboratory-grown mushroom leather.

Hermés, a history linked to luxury

Hermès was established as a harness workshop for European nobles in 1837 and built its reputation for luxury by providing the most delicate animal skins. Among all its iconic designs, the Birkin Bag, or the Kelly, stands out.

Although Hermès has pointed out that faux leather will not replace the original Victoria bag made with calfskin, this is certainly a small step in the direction of liberating the world of luxury from animal products. Hermès seems dedicated to shaping a new vision of luxury. Could there be a vegan Birkin or a leather-free Dior Saddle on the horizon? We’ll have to wait and see.

Is vegan leather here to stay?

Vegan leather, known as Sylvania, is an amber-colored material that Hermès has developed in association with California-based startup MycoWorks. According to The Business of Fashion, MycoWorks has created an exclusive process to convert mycelium, a network of threads from fungi’ root structure, into a material that mimics conventional leather properties. Both in texture and quality.

Luxury brands, veganism, and sustainability

Hermés is not the only luxury brand diversifying into more sustainable, animal-free textiles. Big houses such as Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Prada, and Valentino, among others, have begun to explore vegan alternatives to replicate leathers and skins without compromising their profits.

In 2018, Marco Bizzarri, CEO and president of Gucci, decided to ban the use of fur.
That same year, Chanel announced that it would stop using fur as fashion textiles. At the time, Chanel president Bruno Pavlovsky said the brand decided to stop using those materials because “it is becoming increasingly difficult to source leathers that meet its ethical and quality standards.”

Summing up

In general, it seems that these big houses are moving towards a more sustainable and animal-free style, reflecting the growing demand from their customers, especially the younger ones, for a more sustainable, green, and compassionate world.

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