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Boston Vegan Friendly Restaurants

The best 5 places to eat Plant-based in Boston



The best 5 places to eat Plant-based in Boston by Sanza's Chic Kitchen

Looking for healthy and plant-based meal in the city? Check out our Top 5 Boston Vegan Friendly Restaurants!

Following our other SCK articles of 5 Best places to eat plant-based, today we’ve decided to check out Boston Vegan-Friendly Restaurants. Boston is the unofficial capital of New England and a city full of charm and places to discover. It is where the first pub that opened in the United States and the most modern vegan restaurants share space. Welcome to Boston – a global metropolis cleverly disguising an ancient New England city.

Here’s our pick of the 5 best vegan restaurants in Boston with options to keep on hand the next time you visit the city of the Celtics and Red Sox’s.

Life Alive

Life Alive has been around since 2004 when the first Lowell location opened. Later it expanded to Cambridge and Salem. All restaurants serve completely vegetarian menus, with cereal bowls and bowls, soups, smoothies, and more.

These colorful places offer delicious dishes with high nutritional content and a sight to behold with their Boston vegan friendly restaurants full of color!

Our star: Blue Island Smoothie Bowl


Founded in 2012 by Deena Jalal, Fomu serves a selection of ice creams that do not contain eggs, dairy, or other animal products. Most flavors start with a coconut base, but some use cashew, almond, or fruit. There are standard and seasonal flavors, including vanilla, salted caramel, and chocolate pudding.

Our star: Sweet Lavender Ice Cream

My Thai Vegan Cafe

My Thai Vegan Cafe serves wonton soups, mango salads, fried rice dishes, stir fry noodles, specialty curry dishes, and “duck” and “chicken” dishes made with plant-based meat substitutes. All with the characteristic flavor of the best Thai dishes.

Our star: Bird’s Nest

True Bistro

This restaurant has served high-quality vegan food for over a decade in Somerville’s Teele Square. It serves dinner six nights a week, brunch on the weekends, and elegant tasting menus throughout the year. True Bistro changes the menu with the seasons to surprise their regulars on every occasion. Among its star dishes, we can find; winter squash ravioli with a creamy walnut sauce; crispy polenta squares with red mole and seitan chorizo; and a Thai-style curry with fried tofu.

Our Star: Spinach and Nettle Spanakopita

Barcelona Wine Bar

Even though this restaurant is not 100% vegan, it offers numerous options. This chain of restaurants serves an extensive tapas menu, as well as large-format paella portions. The wine list primarily includes Spain and Argentina. Beers and cocktails are also offered.

Our star: Martha’s Vineyard mushrooms and Vegetable Paella (we couldn’t pick just one!)

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