SCK shares everything you need for this Spring 2021 to look stylish and keep it sustainable!

How To Keep a sustainable Style during the Spring! Enjoy!



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The must have for this Spring season to style up while keeping it sustainable; the Spring Style Issue 2021.

We get it: we can feel a bit more lazy than usual with this year’s wardrobe switch. But who could blame us when pants have been optional for months, and we have so many tracksuits that they deserve their categorization system? Different days, colors, styles, depending on the call we have. Yes, we are all in the same boat! Here the Must Have for this spring!

Fortunately, you don’t need to change your entire closet every season. With a basic uniform like this and a couple of extras, we can make a big difference this spring. Not only in the environment but also in our style!

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Soft, sumptuous, and delicate fabrics adapt to the necessary layers that help us survive the changing spring weather. These sweaters are a must-have for the mid-season season. Just place one over the other or over your favorite basic shirt or tee!

Timeless Sailor Style

The proof that what goes around comes around. Coco Chanel was the forerunner of this fashion that will never go out of style. Perfect for spring days on the beach in which we bathe under the still weak sun while we watch the sea from a distance. Pair it with straight jeans, a chunky chain, and you’re good to go (or, you know, stick around).


Despite its reputation as a cheesy girl, you already know that pink is a staple color at SCK. And pink tones can give off multiple effects. It can be classy and sporty, prim and preppy, or completely laid-back. Our advice is always to combine it with more neutral colors to highlight and relax the final effect.

The Jewelry

Whether you have a day full of meetings or a Brunch with friends, jewelry is the icing on the cake. They add a touch of shine to any look. And since it can still get a bit chilly and we can still get our turtle necks out of the closet, we recommend investing in earrings and rings. Don’t worry; the necklace season is just around the corner!

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