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6 Fitness Tips to Start The Year  by Teresa Cacho at eosia

6 Consejos de Fitness para Empezar el Año

Teresa Cacho

Teresa Cacho

Discover the top 6 Fitness Tips to Start The Year and set up your fitness goals this 2022 with Teresa Cacho

It’s that time of the year when we do some introspection and set new goals to keep us growing. Health and fitness are often on top of the list, so how can we shape a fitness concept and follow through?

Here are some tips that will help you and some examples to illustrate them.

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Define your goals

Whether you write it or visualize them, be specific. Losing weight or gaining strength is still abstract. But how about I want to lose 6 pounds in two months or achieve ten pull-ups in 3 months. That way, I can measure it, break it down and build a path to follow. You also have to make sure it is attainable, that you can physically achieve it, and that it resonates with you and not the general trends.

Team up

Teaming up makes it more fun and complements our knowledge. Whether it’s a friend who lives close by and has similar goals, a personal trainer, or your gym instructor, your workouts will light up, and they are more likely to stick. It also helps when you are shy a little intimidated by the room machines or your classmates. 

Track your progress

I admit that I’m not the best at tracking my progress, but it helps keep me motivated and gives me that push when times are tough. Just make it easy for you. Perhaps a fitness app to input what you do and time spent. Sometimes tracking it is already covered with the schedule that you already built. Let’s say you want to improve your endurance, and one of your exercises is interval training on the treadmill. You start with six sets of 20 seconds max speed followed by 20 seconds recovery. You increase one set or incline percentage per week, and in two months, you are already in excellent shape without spending crazy amounts of time. Just make sure that your health allows you to put your heart rate at specific rates.

Sign up in group exercise classes that connect with you

You can only stick to anything by making it fun or finding that sweet spot of challenge and enjoyment, so if you are a music lover and that’s what fires you up, why not give it a shot to group exercise classes. Different instructors have different styles, but you will find one that will connect with you. Try it one or two times per week, see how that feels, and make sure you can commit to them before adding more.

It will also add to your base goal cause it’s inspiring to find an excellent instructor, enjoy the gym’s community and get those endorphins after a killer sweat training. 

Are you getting toned muscles? A side effect.

Small steps and small changes 

Nothing is too small as long as it’s in the right direction. Remember that you’ll be in good spirits, but at times, it’s going to get tough, and significant steps will be impractical. Small is good cause no matter how bad the situation is, we can still take the steps. I delegate my commands to the reason side of my brain (as I say) and let it operate until things settle down. It will be challenging, but it will get done.

And do not cast aside interests that nourish your spirit, as these things bring meaning to our lives. 

Change Things Up. Keep it dynamic

Eventually, your mind and body could get too used to the planned training. If you want to continue improving, you should change things up from time to time. Swap the type of class you participate in or balance your workouts, focusing on endurance at times or strength in others. Also, you don’t want to dread your workouts, so variety is always the answer. 

And don’t forget to rest, as this is an essential part of the body rebuild up and your mind earning a reset.

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