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PURPOSEFUEL the snack bite that will keep you going at eosia

Purposefuel: el snack que te mantendrá en marcha



Discover Purposefuel the delicious snack bite, healthy and balanced that will boost your energy and delight your tastebuds

Raise your hand if you’re searching for the perfect snack! That one that will keep you satiated until lunch/dinner time, your sugar levels at bay while boosting your energy, and your taste buds will love!

Well, we’ve found it; it’s Purposefuel. These little snack bites are as delicious as they are nourishing, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity of bringing them to you through Caroline Stevens from Purposefuel.

Hi Caroline, Please, tell us a bit more about your background.

I grew up in India. I lived there until I was a teenager, then moved to Kenya, where I lived for about two years. I started university there and later moved to the US to continue my studies. But in terms of where I think Purposefuel may have its roots, it’s in India, where food is considered medicine. 

How did you use food as medicine in India?

My grandmother prepared a lot of home remedies To cleanse and detox  They were made from herbs and vegetables, and other ingredients. e didn’t appreciate any of this as a kid. Most of them tasted horrible, but the idea of it did stick with me.

And I was also exposed to Ayurveda.

Interesting. But you studied finance, right? So what made you move to healthcare?

Yes, I did study business &  finance. I started my professional career at an investment bank, after doing a couple of years in finance I moved to health care, in management consulting.

My initial focus in healthcare was on the hospital/provider side, helping optimize technology, operations, finances, and patient care, but I always wanted to connect and empower the consumer with healthier, better-for-you food options.  

 Was it anything in particular that triggered the change?

I really enjoyed my time in finance, it was a great experience, and it contributed to a lot of skill sets and knowledge base that I use today; 

However, at the time, a lot was happening within health care. It was the Obama era, and there were sweeping changes happening in the healthcare landscape. So it felt like a good time to pivot because there was a need for new skill sets and people that thought differently about healthcare coming into the industry. 

Therefore, when you started Purposefuel, what was your main goal to create this product? 

My main goal was to shift the mindset to wellness and a holistic way of looking at health. 

It’s going a step before that. What can I do today to prevent getting sick tomorrow?

Exactly, there’s been  a massive shift in diet and exercise, in thinking about our mental health

And if you take a look, most of the products in the market are sugar dense and have synthetic or semi-synthetic ingredients to enhance taste or prolong the shelf life, and we all know what those products bring. 

Our goal was to create a line identical to eating whole foods, which tastes great but doesn’t compromise nutrition. 

At eosia, one of the things we like the most about Purposefuel is precisely its nutritional label. It’s exactly what we promote: a shortlist of ingredients, all recognizable, no preservatives, and an excellent ratio of fiber carbs. Please tell us more about it!

To be honest, diet is very simple, and achieving balance can be very easy, if you stick to unprocessed wholesome foods, you are, generally speaking, going to cover most of your body’s nutritional needs.  

So the idea was to create something as balanced.  When designing the product, we looked for a way to create something with all these elements that would naturally translate to a well-balanced nutrition panel.

Talking about the nutrition panel, something else that we love about Purposefuel is that it’s not protein-packed as other «healthy» snacks out there. It has the perfect amount we need each day. Why did you decide to go down that path even though it seemed against the actual trends? 

Protein is a hero product because it’s been marketed as such. But our body doesn’t need that much protein, our protein needs can be easily covered by having a well-balanced diet. We, in fact, don’t need this sort of over-supplementation of protein. What we need is a more balanced nutrition profile. Hence, the ratio between protein and carbs in Purposefuel makes these snacks ideal for before or after a workout because it gives the body exactly what it needs to recover faster from it.

And talking more about the snacks, tell us about the flavors; how did you come up with these pairings?

Currently, we have three flavors: Mango-Turmeric, Matcha-Lemon, and Chocolate-Raspberry. 

The idea was to create tastes from around the world influenced by diverse cultures.  But also, to make it enjoyable and have several goals, at times of the day. 

For example, the mango-turmeric; turmeric is anti-inflammatory. So if you’re working out, this is a great way to help the body recover. And we paired it up with coconut, which is high in MCT, to help the body absorb the turmeric better. 

Every single ingredient works toward a specific goal.

It’s a great way of using food as medicine in a delightful way, focusing on the benefits. Do you have a favorite one?

I snack on Purposefuel at different times. Depending on what I need. I’ll probably have a Matcha-Lemon bite if I’m in an afternoon slump because Matcha has a bit of caffeine in it, but it also has L-Theanine, which helps to get focused and relaxed at the same time. 

I’ll have Mango-Turmeric because of its anti-inflammatory properties if I’m doing a workout. And if I want something a little bit more on the sweeter side, I’ll do the Chocolate-Raspberry. So I have them for different moods and needs throughout the day.

Purposeful is a plant-based snack made with clean, nutritious ingredients, with no preservatives, non-GMO, or added sugars; why is this important for you, and where do you source your main ingredients? 

If you look at the marketplace, you will see that it is loaded with products designed to make consumers overindulge. Having highly over-processed foods can lead to a variety of chronic diseases over time that’s why we source ingredients that have no preservatives that are non-GMO, it takes more of an effort to do this, but it’s hard to put a price on our health.

Let’s talk about the future of Purposeful. Are you planning on expanding the brand? 

The vision has always been to have a portfolio of products. So eventually, we will expand our product line to include products that fit people’s needs throughout the day. 

In the near future, we want to have more flavors in our snack bite line to cater to more palates! 

What do you think about the future of the plant-based cruelty-free movement? 

Generally speaking, the plant-based movement is here to stay.  It is not a trend, and the numbers speak loudly. Global retail sales of plant-based food alternatives may reach $162 billion by 2030 — up from $29.4 billion in 2020, according to a new report from Bloomberg  report

This is a growing market. And for a lot of good reasons, the current population understands how important it is for the environment, for the planet, for our bodies, which is why there is more adaptability to plant-based.

And to finish with, what tip would you give to someone who wants to take care of themselves but doesn’t know where to start? 

Start simple, start small. Eat whole foods, eliminate processed foods gradually by finding substitutes you enjoy, and be patient; it takes time to retrain your palate if you’ve spent years eating highly processed foods!

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