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How to Keep Healthy During the Holidays Season?



Do not ignore your body and keep healthy during the holidays season, following these easy steps.

We’re sure the first thought on reading the title must have been – “What even, since when did health and holidays start going hand in hand?” Because the typical notion we have about holidays in our minds is this – fun with friends and family, parties, lots of food and drinks – basically we steer away from our daily routines, to indulge ourselves with the celebrations, but it is important to keep healthy during the holidays.

What we don’t realize is that during the holiday season (right from Thanksgiving to the new year) we end up completely ignoring our bodies, something we regret after the season winds up. This year, for a change, we’ll make our health a priority. Let’s talk about how to keep healthy during the holiday season without missing anything:

Restrict the Indulgence

Indulging is totally alright on special days such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year. But as always, we need to watch what we eat. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people are completely carefree during the holiday season and end up quite sick after it’s done.

Instead of struggling with achieving our happy weight later, it’s best we eat mindfully and limit the heavy food to the special days. Interspersing days of celebration with days of lighter meals is a great way to give our body a break in its digestion process and elimination of toxins. Designing a menu for these days, or getting started in the eosia membership area, would help ensure that we meet our objectives during these crazy days.

Hydrate Ourselves

Our body easily confuses dehydration with hunger, which explains why we keep feeling the urge to eat every few hours. And let’s be honest – the hunger cravings skyrocket during the holidays, which explains all the incessant snacking! So instead of looking for something to snack on, we need to focus on hydrating ourselves.

Water is not the only way to keep the body well hydrated – we can also choose sparkling water or vegetable stocks. The increased water and liquid intake will also ensure that all the toxins are flushed out from our bodies.

Watch the Drinks

Everything is alright when consumed within limits. However, overdoing alcohol comes with its set of effects – we constantly feel tired, lousy, and bloated. The sugar content in those cocktail drinks, too, isn’t doing any good. It will all end up compromising our immunity, only to make us more prone to illnesses.

In addition, alcohol does not let us know when we are full, so we continue to eat beyond our capacity, which, together with the empty caloric load of the drinks, creates a dangerous cocktail.

Exercise Regularly

We know holidays are meant for lazing around, but exercising regularly (if not every day) is necessary during these days too! Exercise will help your body feel fresh, flush out toxins as well as keep us active on a day-to-day basis. And more importantly, exercise is a mood booster! So all those who struggle with Holiday Anxiety – you know what will keep the blues away!

We may not be able to dedicate time for a full-fledged workout, but Yoga or a short workout of even 15-20 minutes is enough to keep us going through the holidays. And yes, exercise also helps us sleep better, which we tend to neglect during the holidays.

Summing Up

It’s the little things that count, so we need to make sure we follow these tips through the holiday season – no matter how busy we are. Health is our topmost priority, and we need to put it first, no matter what. Excuses haven’t led anyone anywhere; actions have. So let’s get going and keep healthy during the holidays.

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