Sustainable and Vegan Lifestyle influencer shares her secrets to live a Healthy Life!!

What is a Plant-Based Diet?



Sustainable and Vegan Lifestyle influencer shares her secrets to live a Healthy Life!!

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Diet – the word is enough to make one go all ears right away! Is there a new one that’s trending? Will it help me shed these extra ‘lockdown’ pounds? The hype is justified. After all, there are so many diets already trending out there – the Paleo diet, Keto diet, low-carbs diet, Dukan diet – you name it!

Among all these diets, one that has consistently remained popular is the plant-based diet. But what is a plant-based diet? Amidst all these diets, you’re bound to get confused as to which diet constitutes what. But no worries there, I have you all covered up. A quick read and you’ll know everything about a plant-based diet!

What is a Plant-Based Diet?

First thing to know; going Plant-based is not a diet, is a Lifestyle!

Plant-based it’s about eating as much whole foods as possible comprising completely unrefined and unprocessed food. 

Living a Plant-based lifestyle is much more than just a step up from the standard American diet. It is a complete shift toward foods that are rich in protective nutrients and are linked in scientific studies most consistently to a lower risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer!

It is based on foods that are both satisfying and health-promoting. Moreover, it emphasizes eliminating refined and addictive foods. Importantly, the Plant-based lifestyle is designed to maximize disease reversal and longevity. Weight loss is simply a side effect of eating so healthfully!

Therefore, what Does a Plant-Based Diet Include?

Don’t worry, this lifestyle isn’t all about fruits and vegetables! To spice it up, you even have oils, grains, beans, and legumes! It also includes equal portions of lentils, tofu, seeds, and nuts – all of which count in as rich sources of plant-based protein.

Why Should You Opt For a Plant-Based Diet?

1. Builds Your Immune System

It’s tried, tested, and proven that plant-based diets work wonders to boost the immunity. The antioxidants in plants release a lot of free radicals in your body, which in turn, strengthens its defense mechanism.

2. Easy to Digest and Absorb

The body can easily digest the fruits and veggies you consume. And the benefits don’t stop at that – the cells in our body absorb the nutrients faster! These foods are a lot lighter on your system as compared to heavy foods, such as meat and processed foods.

3. Reduces Inflammation

Every component of the plant-based diet is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the root cause of most common ailments, such as arthritis. Essential nutrients in plants will keep every cell in our body in the pinkest of health.

4. Keeps Your Weight in Check

A plant-based lifestyle will help you stay fit and shed the stubborn fat without beating yourself too hard!  After all, it gives you a whole lot of healthy food options you can experiment with! All we have to do is eat well and eat clean!

5. Gives an Edge over Animal-Based Diets

Research says that animal-based products are tough on your system – both in terms of digestion and absorption. And this is something you may have experienced yourself too – these heavy products end up making us feel heavy, sluggish, and bloated. It’s completely opposite with a plant-based diet. The body feels light and agile when you munch on fruits and salads. Plus, there are a whole lot of plant-based recipes out there with which you can experiment, that are super healthy and easy to make too!

I’m sure you will observe a visible and positive difference in your overall health once you switch to a plant-based diet.

Signing off with a quote from The China Study (the most comprehensive study of nutrition out there) –

It’s never too late to start eating well. Change the way you eat and you can transform your health for the better.”

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