The best 5 places to eat Plant-based in Jersey City



Jersey City’s Healthiest Restaurants

Let’s talk about Jersey City and his amazings restaurants. New Jersey’s second-largest city, sits on the Hudson banks, allowing it to boast one of the best views of the Big Apple with the permission of Brooklyn.

This city has undergone many changes in recent years. It has been filled with tall, modern buildings bringing a young atmosphere that tends to concentrate after 5 and weekends in the pedestrianized downtown.

It is in this area that restaurants and bars have appeared. And although they are not entirely vegan, they allow those who have a plant-based diet to enjoy almost all of them.

These five restaurants will help lovers of healthy food fill their time in Jersey City with a great experience and delicious meals.

Two boots

This peculiarly decorated pizzeria hails from the East Village of New York, where two indie filmmakers in love with pizza, beer, and New Orleans decided to start this adventure. In fact, the Two Boots refers to Italy and Louisiana; both the country and the state have a boot shape!
You will find the menu duplicated in this pizzeria since they make the same pizzas in a traditional and vegan version with names as surprising as V for Vegan, Earth Mother, or Super Vegan! All of them delicious! If you can’t decide, you can always order a slice of each!

Our star: Vegan Larry Tate with Shiitake mushrooms!


This small place located on the corner of Second and Erie streets arose from the desire to pay tribute to the southern states; its vibrant colors, its warm culture, and above all, its hospitality. That’s why, despite its small size, it is not difficult to see people crowding – respecting the safety distance – around in small groups chatting and laughing while tasting the delicious menu of Mexican dyes.
Tacoría is another of the few places where you can find an exclusive menu for vegans with tacos, nachos, and burritos!

Our star: Hand-crafted tacos with Golden Avocado!

Brick Lane Curry House

This newcomer to Newark Avenue presents the best traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist, thanks to its cocktails, wine list, and elegant decoration. We could describe the menu with one word: abundance. It is the perfect place to go with a group of friends of different tastes as surely everyone will find something they like!
And what’s in it for our plant-based friends? Well, only on the menu there are many options, such as Lassuni Gobi, some crunchy cauliflower flowers mixed with tomato sauce and garlic, or the Pelo Daal; yellow lentils with aromatic herbs. But the best of all in Brick Lane is the service since if you mention that you are looking for vegan food, they will offer to make small changes in some dishes to expand the options.

Our star: Madras Curry, with mustard seeds, curry leaves and finished with coconut milk.


This Japanese soup restaurant is a classic in this area of ??New Jersey. And it is not for less! Although it has a reduced menu, each of the dishes is a 10 out of 10. And what about the plant-based ones? One of the most delicious vegan ramens out there! It’s loaded with veggies, crispy tofu, shiitake mushrooms, and the icing, a hearty and robust broth perfect for any winter day!

Our star: Vegan ramen (obviously) with an umami bomb and extra Enoki.

Hamilton Inn our last favourite restaurant in Jersey City

The Hamilton Inn is a Jersey City classic. Created to pay homage to the city that welcomes it, it has become an emblem close to the town as the town hall itself.
With a classic American style and an exclusive decoration, this restaurant offers the plant-based a pair of jewels that cannot be missed. Such as the Grain Bowl with extra avocado or the Veggie Burger made with black beans.

Our star: Robert Plant Burger with Sweet Potato Fries- just writing it’s name makes our mouths water!

Sum up: Enjoy the best restaurants in Jersey City

Now you know the best places to eat in Jersey City’s let us know if you have ever been in there or if you will try soon Enjoy!

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