Sustainable and Vegan Lifestyle influencer shares her secrets to live a Healthy Life!!

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?



Sustainable and Vegan Lifestyle influencer shares her secrets to live a Healthy Life!!

Hey Loves!

The words ‘health’ and ‘lifestyle’ go hand in hand. After all, I always think that your health is a reflection of your lifestyle! 

The increasing importance of a healthy lifestyle is quite out there – everywhere you go, everything you read or listen to these days revolves around health. And the message is loud and clear – if you want to stay in the pink of health, you have to switch over to healthy lifestyle choices.

Now the question is – what is a healthy lifestyle?

Is it sleeping well? Or having a balanced diet and exercising? Well, let me tell you a little secret, a healthy lifestyle is a perfect combination of all three. To keep yourself fit as a fiddle, you have to actively push yourself to eat well, sleep well, and exercise just as much!

Let’s delve into the details of these healthy lifestyle tips right away:

Balanced Diet – the Key to Good Health

I know we sometimes love binging on junk food. As delicious and appetizing as junk food is, too much of it can wreck your health. 

The sugar, sodium, and oil content in these foods is excessive. Instead of binging on junk, you need to turn to healthier alternatives such as fruits, salads, and nuts to beat your hunger cravings.

And here’s a fact – your mind tricks you into feeling perennially hungry even when you’re not. How do you deal with these untimely hunger pangs? Keep stuffing yourself with unhealthy food? No my dear friend.

This is where you choose food that is low in sodium and has no sugar. Choose baked over fried, go for fresh over greasy, and you will notice the difference right away!

Here, at Sanza’s Kitchen, you will find numerous healthy recipes, which are quick to whip up, tasty, and easy on your digestive system too. These recipes include all essential factors of a healthy meal – protein, carbs, vitamins, fiber, and healthy fats. Include these in your daily meals for a wholesome, balanced diet. If you want to read more about how to follow a healthy diet, read this.

Exercise at least 30 min a day and Keep the Doctor Away

Honestly, I know that this requires a lot of motivation and dedication. To wake up every single day and push yourself out of your bed to hit the gym isn’t rosy! You already know about it, right?

But here’s the deal – you don’t need to indulge in hardcore exercises every day. Walking, restorative yoga flows, or simple floor exercises, too, count as a workout. On days you don’t have the will to hit the gym, simply make an effort to keep moving and not laze around.

Exercising leaves you with this feel-good, upbeat vibe. It increases the production of endorphins – the happy hormones – in your body. Alive and kicking, that’s exactly how exercising makes you feel, so let’s rock it!

Early to bed and Early to Rise

When we talk about a healthy lifestyle, sleep is the most underestimated factor. Especially with the kind of hectic lives we live, catching up on a good night’s sleep is very important. 

With a sound sleep of 7-8 hours, you wake up fresh to take on the new day, leaving behind the exhaustion of the day gone by.

Sleep-related ailments are on the rise – increased screen time, erratic sleep patterns, unhealthy eating habits are all contributors to this. To steer clear from these, all you have to do is sleep! Keep aside your gadgets, turn off the television, dim down the lights and I’m sure you’ll be sleeping like a log in no time!

If this is something that resonates with you, learn more about it here.

Incorporate these healthy lifestyle habits, and you will notice a whole lot of difference in your overall well-being!


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