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How to go Back to Your Workout Routine After a Break



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It’s always hard to resume our workout routine after a break, specially a long one. But we can make it a bit easier!

Those who workout every day know what a gap of even a single day feels like. And when it’s a long break, the consequences are even worse. Getting back into the workout routine after a break becomes tough. Despite this, we inevitably end up diverging from our routine by taking long workout breaks. This could be due to any reason – children, work, surgery or simply because we lose workout motivation.

Now after this long hiatus, the whole question is – how to go back to your workout routine if you took a break? We’ll be talking about some simple tips to help those who wish to get back on their exercise routine. Let’s get started:

Talk to the Doctor

This is especially for those who have undergone surgery or have had a serious injury. Talking to the doctor is important because it helps us understand when exactly our body will recover from surgery or an injury. The doctor will also help us know when we can resume our workout and what workout to start with.

Take it Easy

When we take a break and return to our workout, we need to be easy on ourselves. We just can’t start out with strenuous exercises just like we did before. We need to start step by step. In the initial few days, we need to build back the flexibility we have lost – and let’s be honest, this is not an easy task! But slowly and steadily, we can work on getting it back with the help of dedicated exercises and Yoga.

Mild Cardio

As we work on flexibility, we also need to incorporate easy cardio exercises. We can do this cardio after stretching exercises and yoga. A brisk walk also helps to warm up your body. Those who are used to running can also start with jogging.

Quality Over Quantity

For those who are busy tending to their kids or have a tight workout schedule, taking out one whole hour to exercise may also be difficult. This is why we need to focus more on the quality of the workout than its duration. We can curate a workout plan that helps us accommodate a short session of(say, 20 minutes) exercise in our daily schedules. This way, we can keep ourselves fit without worrying about any interference in our routine tasks.

Summing Up

Workout is an essential part of our lives; it helps build strength, flexibility and helps the body get fitter and more efficient. Getting back to working out as soon as possible is important, but we also need to consider our health conditions and the type of exercises that would suit us when we start after a break. Keeping up the rhythm is important, and once we get started, there’s no turning back!

How to go Back to Your Workout Routine After a Break by Sanza's Chic Kitchen

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