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‘Oh, you’re vegan? That must leave you with little food options, right?’ – well, an outright NO to that question! This right here is the biggest misconception about the vegan lifestyle. People assume that being vegan is very difficult, but in reality, it is as easy as following any other lifestyle.

Now, here’s another part of choosing veganism – when we’re at home, we are in complete control of the kitchen. We know for sure that the ingredients we pick are vegan, and the food we cook will be vegan. But when we step into a restaurant, it gets a bit difficult for us to choose the food we want to eat. And more often than not, we inadvertently end up picking salads!

As sure as we want to be that we pick 100% vegan foods, it just doesn’t make sense to eat salads every time we’re at a restaurant. So, we have listed out some tips as to how to eat vegan in any restaurant. Let’s have a look:

A Call Works Wonders

If you’ve decided on the restaurant, try calling ahead to ensure they have vegan food options. If they say yes, there’s nothing like it. These days many (not all) restaurants are considerate about vegans, and some even have separate vegan menus. If they say no, you can always change the restaurant and head to another one.

Check Out the Menu Online

For those who don’t prefer calling ahead, you can simply check the menu online. Some restaurants do make an effort to list out the vegan options separately. This makes it easy to find the items you can order once you step into the restaurant. If there’s no separate vegan menu or section for vegan food items, simply scour through the menu online, and we’re sure you’ll find a couple of options right there.

Be Clear With What You Want

Most vegans hesitate to utter the word ‘vegan’ when they’re out there in restaurants. Well, there’s no reason for us to dread the word so much! Even the restaurant staff prefer customers who are transparent with their food preferences, as it helps them provide a better service. Whenever we step into restaurants, we can consider asking the greeter or server for vegan food options. We can always list our preferences politely. Being nice always helps!

Ask for Replacements

Most vegetarian food options can be easily made vegan with a couple of replacements. Ask for dairy, egg, and a couple of other replacements, and we’ll have our lovely vegan food right there. Do use the word ‘replace’ as that would ensure you don’t get charged extra for the slightly different food you’ve ordered.

Summing Up

Being vegan doesn’t mean we cannot have fun – all we need to do is put in a little extra effort to ensure we have different food options out there. If nothing works out, always head to a vegan restaurant – as vegans, vegan restaurants are just like another home kitchen!

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