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How to Plan Your Weekly Menu: Say hello to batch cooking

Mapping out a week’s menu in one shot is ambitious, we know. But there’s little we wouldn’t do in the name of helping you streamline a particularly time-consuming slice of your everyday time.

Have you ever heard of Meal Prep Sundays, meal prep, batch cooking, or bulk cooking? You may not have a clue what we’re referring to, but we’re going to share our trusted tool for healthy eating.

At eosia, we’re huge fans of this concept. We’ve been batch cooking or doing some form of meal prep for the entire week ever since Sanza, our founder, introduced us to this fantastic idea! Our busy work schedule combined with maintaining a social life primed didn’t allow us to prepare our lunch as much as we wanted to. Undoubtedly, batch cooking helped us tremendously in reaching our health goals and saving time.

What is batch cooking?

Basically, batch cooking is preparing most or all of our meals and snacks for the entire week on just one day of the week. Simply make a date with your kitchen for about 1-2 hours one day every week and have some fun cooking! For some in Saturday or Sunday after doing groceries; for others is Monday or Friday to keep the weekend clean from duties. 

Devoting a good chunk of one day a week might sound like a big-time investment, but bear with us. In an entire week, you have 168 hours, so only one or two hours per week for cooking is not much time! If you’re currently coming home from work every night and cooking on the spot, it could easily add up to 30-60 minutes every evening. Add that up, and that’s over 7 hours a week spent cooking! We all can use that extra five hours a week we’d save batch cooking to enjoy time with loved ones instead, play more, take walks, engage in our beloved hobbies, and decompress.

If you aren’t cooking at home for dinner, you may be going through a drive-through, picking up fast food, or dining out because you have nothing prepared once you come home. Again, batch cooking will save your health by avoiding all those questionable ingredients used by fast food establishments and will save you some serious money from eating out.

So why batch cook?

  • Save you time from cooking throughout the week.
  • Keeping on track with your health goals.
    • This is especially important for those of you who have a specific health goal that’s a high priority: get to our happy weight, muscle gain, fitness/strength goals – this will help keep you on track!
  • It takes the mental “pressure” off your mind from thinking, “What am I going to make for dinner” or “I still have to cook” etc.
  • Consistency is key when making and achieving your health and wellness goals. And what’s more consistent than having your meal prepared and planned for you a week in advance?
  • It’s a fun way to diversify your food and meal choices throughout the day and week.

Helpful tools for batch cooking:

  • Airtight glass containers! 
  • Several large mixing bowls
  • Music to dance and sing 
  • Friends or loved ones to join in (or do it solo!)
  • And a mug of a hot tea or homemade apple cider!

What to prepare

If you’re still thinking, “ok, this sounds really good, but what am I going to cook for a whole week?”

We’re going to share our little secret at eosia – we don’t plan our menus or make our shopping list- we already have that done for us! 

Every week, we get a simple menu for the whole family and us. It contains buildable recipe blocks that take WAY less time and give us the variation we crave throughout your week. It includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner!

Gone are the days where we ate the same boring thing for lunch & dinner five days a week!

What are you waiting for? Check it out here!

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