Let's Reduce Carbon Footprint by Cycling! by Sanzas Chic Kitchen!

Let’s Reduce Carbon Footprint by Cycling!



How does riding a bicycle reduce carbon footprint? Let’s find out!

With the increasing pollution levels across the world, it has become increasingly important to not only advocate sustainability but also to implement it. We need to take every possible step we can to contribute to the reduce carbon footprint. Riding bicycles is probably the best and easiest thing we can do to contribute our bit to the environment. It is one of the most sustainable modes of transport, and of course, it also comes with numerous health benefits.

But the question is – how does riding a bicycle impact your carbon footprint? And that is what we will be talking about today. Read on to find out more:

Carbon footprint is a yardstick used to measure the number of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Almost every other activity we do adds up to the carbon footprint, which is why the climatic condition of the earth is getting worse by the day. Now is the time to act, and we need to take active and conscious measures to make sure we do our bit. Riding bicycles is one simple way how we can start. The most significant advantage of bicycles is that they do not require fuel like cars and other vehicles do. So, every single ride you take with the bicycle, you don’t release any carbon emissions, unlike cars.

Also, manufacturing cars is a lot more complex than the production of bicycles. The latter requires a lot of raw material to manufacture and the production of a car accounts for 42g carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer driven. However, when it comes to a bicycle, the carbon emission during the manufacturing process is negligible, 5 g per kilometer. Additionally, bicycles have no fuel, no tank, and no exhaust, so there is no scope of carbon dioxide emissions in any way.

The excessive usage of cars and other vehicles for tasks that people could easily manage with the help of a bicycle is the main problem. All we need to do is use bicycles instead of cars for all our tasks and leisure activities – the solution is parked right in front of our homes!

Summing Up

Once we begin cycling, we no longer need to worry about our daily dose of exercise too! Also, with Environment Day and Bicycle Day coming up, we have all the more reasons to get those bikes out of the garage and cycle around the town! We need to remember that change begins from within, and once we bring in changes in our lives, only then do we become an inspiration for others! Let’s get going – happy cycling to you all!

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