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How to Reuse Plastic Waste in the Kitchen



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Want to reduce & reuse plastic waste, and you don’t know how to start? Let’s see what we can do!

Plastic is one of the biggest menaces of current times. Everything we buy comes in plastic bags, containers, and wraps. When we store these items, we opt for plastic jars and boxes. As convenient and easy it is to use plastic, it’s high time we consider the usage of single-use plastic. We need to understand that on our zero waste journey, we first need to take active measures to reduce and reuse plastic waste in our lives.

We can begin with our own homes, and there’s no better place to get started than the kitchen itself. How to reduce and reuse plastic use in the kitchen? We can do this by being more sustainable in our choices and recycling whatever we can. Here are some ways how you can get started:

Use It For Storage! It’s a great way to reduce plastic waste.

We don’t really need to buy separate plastic containers to store our grains, snacks, cereals, and other kitchen essentials. Instead, we can reuse all the numerous plastic containers and bags we end up getting home on a single trip to the supermarket.

Once we’re done with consuming all the food items that come in plastic bags, all we need to do is wash these bags clean, dry them inside out and use them for a whole lot of other kitchen purposes. If these bags are sealable, that’s even better! You can use them to store items in your freezer, or you can even store sundry kitchen stuff in them.

Although the best way is to avoid using plastic containers altogether. Using reusable glass jars to go shopping and filling your own glass containers is our ideal goal!

Give Up Tupperware

Instead of Tupperware, we can opt for metal, glass, or other plastic containers that sometimes even come in as freebies with food items. The amazing part about the metal and glass containers is that they can easily double up as baking pans and serving bowls, as the situation demands. We wouldn’t need to clutter our kitchens with plastic containers if we followed this simple rule of recycling.

Chuck the Disposable Cutlery

As disposable cups, plates, and spoons are convenient and cheap these plastic items end up being a huge issue later, simply because we cannot do anything with it later – reuse, recycle, nothing. Instead of choosing disposable cutlery, we can look for other environment-friendly alternatives that will not cost a lot.

All we need to do is walk into the nearest thrift shop and buy whatever we wish to, considering the number of guests arriving. Another trick here is – if you’re one who hosts guests often, you can purchase these items in bulk – this way, you’ll end up saving a lot too. Thrift Shops are the best place to head to as they offer a wide range of cutlery in different patterns and colors, leaving us spoiled for choice – all this, without burning a hole in your pocket. Another advantage is that you can easily reuse this cutlery the next time you have guests over for lunch or dinner.

Summing Up

It’s the little choices we make that count; we may not realize the magnitude of our small acts, but just give this a thought. What if everyone who is reading this right now decides to follow these simple tips to reduce plastic waste in our kitchen? The cumulative effect would definitely be something huge! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with step one of Mission Zero Waste – chucking the plastics!

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