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How to Sleep Better: You will love this tips!



blue and green sky and mountain

All you need to know to wake up rested and sleep better

Hectic schedules and busy lives have taken a toll on our lifestyles. So much so that we have no time to even sleep peacefully. And even when we do, we’re restlessly tossing and turning around in our beds with no continued sleep. The aftermath, too, is terrible – we wake up tired, with heavy heads, and so not ready to take on the new day. Let’s learn how to sleep better and feel rested.

Lack of sleep has become so typical, even to the extent that it is now one of the world’s major health problems. The problem of sleeplessness is so grave that ‘how to sleep better’ is one of the topmost searched queries on Google. But let’s get the facts right – sleeping well is not as challenging as it appears. In fact, all we need to do is introduce a few small changes in our everyday routine. 

Today we’ll be talking about how to get better rest.

Cut Down on Daytime Naps

Power naps have always helped us to stay energized throughout the day. But anything in excess has its side effects, which is why we need to cut down on excessive and irregular sleeping patterns throughout the day. With an erratic sleep schedule, we end up confusing our internal clocks, making it difficult for our bodies to comprehend our sleep timings.

All we need to do is reduce sleeping during the day so that we can doze off into a peaceful sleep at night!

Reduce Screen Time

Throughout the day, we keep flitting between multiple gadgets – laptops, smartphones, and then, the television! We may not realize it, but excess screen time only ends up stimulating our brains, making it harder to fall asleep. The blue light from all these gadgets suppresses melatonin levels and delays sleepiness.

To sleep well, we need to follow a strict rule of keeping aside gadgets an hour before bedtime. Creating a sleep ambiance in our homes would also work wonders. This allows our body to relax and slowly slip into sleep-mode.

Workout Regularly

Exercising regularly is important for a good nights’ sleep. Each of us has preferred workout timings– while some love working out early in the morning, others hit the gym in the evenings. Do keep in mind that working out in the evening or anytime towards your sleep time has stimulatory effects and can increase wakefulness.

We need to pick a workout hour that is way before our sleeping time so that our body gets ample time to cool down and slowly drift away to sleep.

Avoid Late Evening Coffee and Alcohol

To make sure we sleep well, we need to avoid anything that could end up stimulating our brain. Our mornings begin with a hot cup of coffee, and we end up having a couple more of them as the day progresses. Caffeine is a strong stimulant and can end up contributing to insomnia.

Likewise, we need to watch our alcohol intake too. Alcohol contributes to disrupted sleep patterns and plays a key role in our body’s circadian rhythm too. All we need to do is try not to have these drinks before bed.

Summing Up: How to sleep better & feel rested?

Incorporating small changes in our lives so that we can sleep well is way better than ending up on sleep medications for the rest of our lives. We’re sure setting these little tips would help you improve the sleep and wake up feeling great and fresh!

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