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5 best vegan meats by Sanza's Kitchen

5 Best Vegan Meat Options



Are you having meat cravings? Don’t worry, in SCK we’ve curated a list of the best 5 vegan substitutes for meat!

Seaspiracy and its shocking revelations have led an increasing number of people to look for fish and meat substitutes. We often read about how meat-based diets are harmful to the environment. But for those used to having meat in their diets, it could be difficult to quit. Instead, we can switch to vegan substitutes for meat.

While plant-based meat is absolutely delicious and tastes just like regular meat, we need to limit its consumption. As plant-based whole food eaters, our diet needs to be full of plant-based, fiber-rich food. But yes, we can indulge in plant-based meat once in a while- on the occasional cheat day.

Team SCK has curated a list of the best 5 vegan meat substitutes. So, the next time you have meat cravings, simply pick this plant-based meat and cook a delicious meal.

Beyond Meat

This brand started out with a simple ideology – you don’t really need to sacrifice animals for meat. It went on to build meat directly from plants! An absolute favorite of vegans across the United States, Beyond Meat promises quality, texture, and most importantly, it tastes just like meat. The brand has come up with a range of products such as meat burgers, meatballs, sausages, crumbles, and a lot more.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods creates meat from simple, plant-based ingredients. Made for people who love meat but equally care about the environment, the meat from Impossible Foods can be used to whip up a variety of meat-based dishes. You can grill, griddle, or cook the meat on cast iron – it is totally up to you! If you have cooked ground beef before, you can easily cook meat from Impossible Foods meat. Add spices and sauces, and you are good to go! Enjoy your lovely, hearty meal!

Heura Foods

Heura Foods started off in the food-tech sector and has directed all its efforts toward creating revolutionary food. The brand has managed to create an accurate replica of meat. The plant-based meat is so succulent and tasty that even a connoisseur wouldn’t be able to tell the difference! Heura has introduced a new generation of vegetable protein and texture like never before. This brand is definitely a must-try!

No Evil Foods

While someone once told the brand that it would not be able to create vegan meat, No Evil Foods took it up as a challenge. And yes, they managed to create absolutely amazing products, with minimum ingredients! No Evil Foods is one of the top brands that advocates sustainability in food. It has a range of environmentally sustainable products, making it the perfect go-to brand for those on a plant-based diet.

The Very Good Butchers

As the name suggests, these butchers are good and don’t slaughter animals! Instead, they butcher beans! This unique brand has come up with wholesome plant-based meats that have been handcrafted with real ingredients. Grilled, diced, ground, sausages – you name it and they have it – all at super affordable prices, too!

Summing Up

We hope we’ve got you covered for all your meat cravings! Simply pick your favorite vegan meat brands and cook up all the best meat recipes.

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