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Abs are cooked in the kitchen!

Cook your Abs!



Hey Love! Do you want to know how to cook your abs in the kitchen!

I was talking this past weekend to a group of friends, and we agreed that one of the most challenging things regarding self-care these days is staying healthy and fit. Even though we still can go out for a run, and yoga studios are offering stream classes, most of us are feeling how our efforts of the past months are fading much quicker than they appeared! Let’s talk a little about how to cook your abs in the kitchen.

So, while we wait until our favorite gym opens again, and we can sweat the past 5 weeks before the summer comes, here is some good news for you; Abs are cooked in the kitchen! Abs, glutes, arms, you name it, the base for being fit, aside from working out, obviously, is being committed to a couple of really simple healthy eating habits!

And yes, of course, I am going to share it with you! Here they are.

1. No sugar!

And that includes table sugar, sodas, all type of desserts, concentrated fruit juice, dried sugary fruits, etc.,

Why? Because sugar is the easiest way to gain fat. Whenever we eat something sugary, the pancreas releases insulin to break down the sugars and send the glucose to our cells to be used as energy. But, what happens if we are not using that energy? Well, then the body will store it as fat, just in case you need it afterward,.. or never! Moreover, sugars also are a burden to our health, but that is a long story. No worries, I will fill you up some other time!

2. No Fried Foods!

I know it looks quite straight forward, but just in case. All fried foods are high in trans fat, which leads to not only weight gain but also to other chronic illness.

3. No Alcohol!

I know, I know, We all need some fun in our lives, right? But be mindful. Some types of alcohol can be very high in fat and sugars. Think of your cocktail as a cupcake in a nice fancy glass. Alcohol is considered empty calories as it has no nutritional value, the opposite of what Dr. Fuhrman says. All in all, is the perfect mix to easily store the fat in the body.

4. No Dairy!

I know this is a controversial point, as we are very used to hear that it’s healthy and that we should include it in our diets. But a significant number of studies are showing that dairy can be highly inflammatory, and that can mess with the gut. Many adults have trouble breaking down the lactose from the dairy, which can lead to feeling bloated all the time. Moreover, most of the dairy we consume is very high in fat and/or sugar. (Check the labels before you believe anything they claim!)

But, if you feel that your body asks for some dairy, it’s always better to opt for some organic goat Kefir.

All in all, as always, the key is moderation. With the right information, finding your own balance is much easier. We are all different, so why should we do the same? For example, I can’t imagine a life without Rosé!

Hope you find it useful and don’t overwhelm. We have this together! (but separate) so let’s cook your abs in the kitchen

Rosé Cheers!



get the perfect abs

More about Dr. Fuhrman’s method here.

Hey Love, due to the current circumstances if you feel that you need to talk to someone to cope with this crisis, do not hesitate to contact me, via email, or DM at IG. In this community, we are always here to have each other’s back when you need it.

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