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How to Cope With Anxiety During Holidays?



Do not stress out and enjoy, here you have the keys to cope with anxiety during the holidays

Holidays are about fun, joy, and making merry. Well, at least this is how it works for most people. Not all are lucky enough to have the same holiday vibe – quite a lot of us end up with stress, anxiety, and that not-so-good feeling during what’s supposed to be the ‘most joyous time’ of the year.

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So here’s the deal – if you feel this way, you need to know you’re not alone. A lot of us go through a rush of these emotions, and it’s totally alright. In fact, ‘Holiday Anxiety’ is a term coined for all the stress we undergo during this time. Unfortunately, we can’t completely stop the stress and GAD from creeping in, but here’s what we can do – cope with it. So let’s understand how to cope with anxiety during the holidays:

Take it Easy

Holidays are all about spending time with our loved ones, and it’s time we understand it’s not a competition. Whose home is decorated the best? Are the gifts good enough? Have I cooked the festive food, right? There are so many things we fret about – but if we actually give it a thought, these aspects can be given a backseat.

Keeping it simple is key, as is understanding and accepting that we can’t do it all. Delegating tasks, organizing potluck dinners/lunch, and basically doing everything we can to reduce the burden off our shoulders and minds.

Focus on Our Health

Gorging over the best food, catching up with movies late in the night, waking up way past our usual bedtimes – while this is what we typically do on holidays, it’s not really good for us.  We need to stick to our schedules, try and eat as healthy as we can, sleep well, and exercise to improve our overall well-being. Steering clear of alcohol would help – instead, we can keep ourselves hydrated with herbal teas and sparkling water with a dash of lime or lemon juice.

Write Down the ‘Worrying’ Things

When we list down the things stressing us out, we realize that almost 80% of them aren’t worth worrying about! So the next time we feel the stress and anxiety creeping in, let’s try this method – pick a notepad and pen – we recommend writing, and not typing – because the joy of canceling things from the list can’t be described! And write down everything that’s worrying you. Then write next to them the possible solutions to that problems. Now that we’ll be left with a few fretting issues simply writing their solutions takes them off our minds too!

Plan – as Much as We Can

Well begun is half done – in all aspects of life. During the holiday season, there are these typical things that trigger our anxiety and we’re well aware of them. So rather than waiting until the very last minute, isn’t it better to deal with them well in advance? If shopping, meals, travel, or gifts, for that matter, stress us out, we need to think of ways to get rid of or at least reduce the anxiety caused by them. And planning works wonders when it comes to this!

Summing Up

We aren’t superhumans, and we need to treat ourselves with kindness and relax. Let’s make these holidays a reason to celebrate and not stress! I hope these tips on dealing with anxiety help you – happy holidays!

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