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Detox Explained: Myths and Facts



When we encounter the word ‘detox’, the first thing that comes to our minds is toxins. These days we have cleanses, detoxifying diets, detox skincare routines. But the real question is – as healthy as all of these detox fads sound, are they really beneficial to our bodies and health? The whole intention of detoxifying is to get rid of toxins – but what are these toxins? And how does detoxing really help? Read to find more, as we talk about Detox explained: Myths and Facts

What Are Toxins?

Any substances that are hazardous to our bodies are toxic in nature. These substances become all the more harmful when we consume or breathe them in. These toxins can prove to be harmful even when absorbed through the skin. Now, are all toxins dangerous? No. Simply because toxins can prove to be dangerous to our bodies only when consumed or absorbed in higher doses.

So do we really need to detox all the toxins from our bodies? Let’s talk about that now.

What Does Detox Mean?

Detox is nothing but the process of detoxification. Detoxification is the removal of toxins from the human body. The human body is amazing and has detox mechanisms of its own. The liver and kidneys work wonderfully together to purify the blood in our bodies. What the body does is a natural detox, whereas these days we also have ‘medical’ detoxes. These detoxes may or may not include medicines, but are a simple treatment program to help aid the body to get rid of toxins effectively.

A detox diet works on similar lines. In a detox diet, you have to restrict the consumption of sugary and fatty foods. This gives your body a break and a chance to flush out existing toxins. Now there are some types of toxins that are stubborn and won’t exit easily from our bodies. These toxins, such as persistent organic pollutants, accumulate in the fat of humans. This makes it difficult to remove them from our bodies. Consuming fish or hunted animals can lead to the accumulation of these toxins in the body.

Do You Need A Detox Diet?

Detoxification is only required in the presence of toxins. If we eat clean, steer clear of sugary, fatty, and processed stuff, the chances of toxins accumulating in our body are negligible. Consuming more greens, fruits, and unprocessed foods is key to maintaining a toxin-free body. Instead of eating anything and focusing on detoxifying our bodies, it is always better to watch what we eat. This would help keep our system clean inside out and we wouldn’t have to worry about toxins and their effects either.

Summing Up

Yes, when we eat clean, we need not think about detoxifying different parts of the body (skin, cleaning, kidneys) separately. Our bodies are adept enough to handle the detoxification process by themselves. Instead of falling for trends (that change every other day), it is best we listen to our bodies and work to maintain our health. To know more about how to eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle, you can always follow Team eosia – we love sharing tips like these ones that would help make your life better!

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