Sustainable and Vegan Lifestyle influencer shares her secrets fo DIY Holiday garlands!!

DIY Home Holiday Décor



Easy, Sustainable & Fun!

Hey Loves!

Deck the halls with rows of hollies, falalala, lalalala! I can’t stop singing this lovely carol ever since I’ve started decorating my home this Christmas! And I’m all the more excited this time, as I’ve chosen to go all sustainable with my Christmas décor – and guess what? We’re making the décor by ourselves! I cannot tell you how much it has helped us bond as a family – and I’m hoping you try it out too! I will share with you my favourite DIY Home Holiday Décor

Looking at the amazing handmade Christmas decorations we’ve come up with left me wondering why we were purchasing them from stores in the first place! You don’t really need to buy everything you see to decorate your home, especially when there are so many DIY holiday decorating ideas out there. You can get a lot more creative, colorful and craft décor items that go amazingly well with your home too.

So, what are some cool, easy and inexpensive DIY holiday decorations? Well, I’m all excited to let out my favorites – here we go, with the DIY Nordic Christmas decorations 2020!

Metal Ring Wreath

Find some metal wire – ideally, brass. If not, you can still carry on with any wire you have! Decorate this wreath with dried flowers, leaves from your yard or even curry leaves  (they’re bright and Christmassy!) that you’ll easily find in your kitchen. Stick them up in whatever design you feel best, and ta-da! You have a lovely wreath to adorn your front door right there! If you wish, you can add multiple rings in a sequence too. And if you feel that the dried flowers look a tad bit faded, add a dash of color and glitter to them!

Origami Décor

Look up some easy and fun videos online, and I’m sure your kids will love coming up with cutesy little origami Christmas décor! Right from stars to Christmas trees to snowflakes – a couple of paper folds and you’ll have your very own, handmade decor right there. And yes, this isn’t restricted only to little kids, you can try your hands at creating these beautiful little artefacts too!

Popsicle Snowflakes

Wondering what to do with those popsicle sticks you’ve been storing since the year began? Well, now is the time to get all creative with them! All you have to do is arrange these sticks into a snowflake pattern, glue them together, and create a lovely snowy décor for your home. You can hang them on strings or simply stick them on the wall in a random pattern. For a Christmassy feel, you can always hang around some lights!

DIY Fragrances

Not many people are aware that candles are laden with toxins. So instead of lighting fragrant candles for Christmas this year, how about using some natural fragrances to enliven your home with the Christmas spirit? Simply combine your favourite essential oils (or use them separately, totally on you!). You can even add up some orange peels to safflower oil to create your fragrant oil. All these are totally healthy and safe options – so don’t lose the opportunity to try this out!

I’m hoping you try out these easy yet amazing décor ideas and deck up your home with a lot more than just hollies! Happy Holidays, everyone!

If you want to try the one I did this year, make sure to sign up for the newsletter before December 14th-by the end of the day EST time- to get the full list of things you will need!?

DIY Home Holiday Décor


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