New Book Recommendation: Period. Power By Maisie Hill. Feel Empowered!



Hi Loves!

During this last season, I’ve been feeling a bit more tired and out of balance than usual. And as I typically do, I’ve been trying to find answers in books for how to feel empowered.

So while researching the book Period Power by Maisie Hill got to my hands. And, oh, boy! That was a game-changer! And that is why I want to tell you all about it because it really made a difference for me. I think it’s one of the best non-fiction books I’ve read lately. If you want to know more, keep reading! I am sure you will also find it useful!

How to feel empowered?


Maisie Hill. She is a highly qualified and expert with more than a decade of experience as a women’s health practitioner and birth doula. Moreover, after reading her book, you will discover that she is the kind of woman we all wished to have around as a friend. She speaks frankly, and straight forward, she is funny and intelligent, and she claims to like yoga classes and Maggie Smith in Downton! I don’t know about you, but she has me!


Anywhere! Just grab it and read it! If you have a period, you have to read this book.


Because this is the first book I’ve read that shows you have to take control of your menstrual cycle and hormones. She describes and introduces you to “The Cycle Strategy”. A personal strategy of how to perform at your best in every stage of your period. Let’s feel Empowered!


What you are going to find is how to identify every stage of your cycle. It maybe sounds obvious, but after reading the book, you will discover that there is much more to know.

Once the basics are settled, you will be able to maximize your performance, not only in your job but also in the gym or wherever field you are trying to improve yourself. Discover and maximize your superpowers, that we all have but not taking advantage of them. Identify patterns, and therefore plan your month ahead in relation to your own body and not a standard applied to everyone. And most importantly, understand if there is a hormonal imbalance, and how to act accordingly.


It doesn’t matter at what stage you are in your cycle of life. This is a great book to read. It will guide you and provide tools to improve your menstrual health and, therefore, your life.


Find it and read it. I honestly think that this is a book to read if you’re dealing with periods. As I went through its pages I found myself wondering why had nobody told me all this earlier. It’s interesting, very easy to read, ironic, funny, and moreover practical. There are many little things that you can introduce to your daily routine that can improve your periods. For example, if reading the book, you realize that your hormones and menstrual cycle are out of whack, Maisie recommends the Seed Cycling. Which consists of consuming two different seeds during each half of your period cycle. The goal is to boost the estrogen levels in the first half and progesterone in the second. Easy to apply, direct, and effective as the rest of the book!

Hope you like it! I would love to hear your opinion about it! Let’s feel Empowered!

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