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Have you ever seen an Okinawa beach? It’s stunningly beautiful! It has been on my place-I-must-visit list forever. Today I’m going to talk about the Hara Hachi Bu

And it’s not only for the beaches and landscape. As you know, I am really passionate about everything that has to do with health, nutrition, and wellness, and the Okinawa island is within the places known as Blue Zones.

Just in case you are wondering what the Blue Zones are, they are five specific places in the world where people live considerably longer, healthier, and happier than in the rest of the world. Isn’t that fantastic? Moreover, they are remarkably beautiful! I wonder if that has something to do with it?

So as a nerdy of this subject, I love investigating more about it and what they have in common. And there is one thing that I see that my clients find especially useful when it comes to weight management. That is Hara Hachi Bu!

Hara Hachi Bu is an expression the people form Okinawa use to describe the way they eat, which is stands for “eat to 80% full”. It’s that simple.

Whenever you are having a meal, ask yourself when do you feel as being 80% full. But remember that your brain is typically about 10-20 min later than your stomach, so try to eat slowly and consciously.

The result of this rule is quite obvious; you end up eating fewer calories, just the ones that your body needs. And as your stomach is not entirely full, it can manage better digestions. Consequently, Okinawans, and everyone that has applied this rule tend not to gain too much weight. And even lose weight if the body feels as needing to when paired this rule with an active lifestyle.

You know what they say, abs are cooked in the kitchen, So remember Hara Hachi Bu!

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