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Hey Loves!

These past weeks I’ve been asked quite a few times about how would be the best way to schedule our working-from-home days. And I think that’s a great question worthy of being talked about. So let’s talk about How to organize my schedule!

Besides, another recurrent matter that I have been listening lately is how we’ve gone away from nature. And how that could have been part of the issue we are suffering today. And even though I don’t think that’s all that is it. I believe it’s never a bad idea to reconnect with nature because, in the end, that is what we all are part of, Nature, right?

Therefore, the question would be, “what if we could organize our days in a schedule that serves us and, at the same time, bring us awareness over our natural rhythm?” Well, lucky for us, that is what the Circadian Rhythm is all about. Let me explain to you a bit more about it!

Physiologist defines the Circadian rhythm as our natural rhythm, the one that operates on nearly a 24h cycle, and it resets itself every morning with the first rays of light. This rhythm guides the body on when to digest, how to prepare for sleep, even our blood pressure, metabolism, hormone production, and cellular repair! How amazing is that?

Likewise, Ayurveda, the natural health tradition that has been practiced in India for more than five thousand years, has been introducing the natural rhythms to their patients to balance their bodies and systems.

And here is when things get interesting. This traditional medicine has divided the day into blocks, each one directly linked to each body type in the Ayurvedic system; Kapha Pitta, Vata, that we can easily incorporate into our daily lives!

Accordingly, our typical day should like somehow similar to this:

  • 6am to 10am (Kapha energy, associated with water)

During this time of the morning, our body feels still a bit heavy and prone to water retaining. Consequently, the body is demanding for exercise, meditation, and food, in that order, to get synchronized with the new day.

  • 10 am to 2pm (Pitta energy, associated with fire)

This is the time of the day when our mind and digestion system is at its peak. The perfect time for the most substantial meal of the day, always better if its around noon.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to avoid exercising at this time of the day, as our body feels already awake, and it’s going to need the blood flow concentrating in the digestive process to get as much energy from the food as possible in the shorter amount of time.

  • 2pm to 6pm (Vata energy, associated with air)

Perfect time for quick thinking and reflexes. But, if we haven’t got enough food and exercise before noon, this quick energy can lead to dehydration and distraction, which is what takes us to reach for snacks and coffee. So keep hydrated, Dear!

  • 6pm to 10 pm (Kapha energy, associated with water)

As in the morning Kapha block, the body turns heavy and dull again, getting prepared for sleep. So the best thing to do during this period is to have a light diner near 6 pm and only work until sunset.

  • 10pm to 2 am Pitta energy, associated with fire)

In contrast to the other Pitta period, here, the body concentrates on promoting the sleeping cycles instead of the digestion process, which actually slows down. This is the perfect time to relax, get a book, and prepare for a restorative sleep no later than 10:30pm if possible.

  • 2am-6am (Vata energy, associated with air)

Similar to what was going on in the other Vata period, it is the time for quick thoughts. Is when the dreams become more vivid. Therefore it’s when it’s going to be easier to get up. It’s easier to get up before 6 am than it is after 6am.

You can do it Girl! Take advantage that the sun is rising earlier to pick up the habit! You know, if done 21 days in a row, it’s yours Love!

The Circadian rhythm and Ayurvedic medicine are exciting topics that we could talk about for hours. This is a small glimpse of a part that could make your life easier these unusual days, and who knows, maybe adopt these schedules for the rest of your life, living a more present and connected life.

Hope you find it useful, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Stay safe.




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If you would like to know more about this topic there are plenty of books and articles, and I would talk more about it in the future. Meanwhile please refer to a very good book from  Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar “Change your Schedule, change your life”. Hope you like it!

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