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How to Prepare for Going Meatless



sliced fruit stall

Some tips & tricks for going meatless

Lately, many people are considering going meatless. The harmful effects of consuming meat are not limited to the environment, but our bodies too. And quite a lot of people are taking note of this and quitting meat forever.

As easy as it is to decide, sticking to this decision could take a lot of resilience and patience from our end. Even after quitting meat, we could have this constant urge to consume tasty meat-based food items -resisting this temptation is one of the most difficult tasks. To avoid this from happening, we need to make up our minds before taking this major decision to cut down meat from our lives. So, how to prepare for going meatless? That’s what we will be talking about today – read to find out more about these tips to go meatless.

Ask Yourself Why You Quit Meat

When everything else fails, it’s the reason behind why we started that keeps us going. Each one of us has different reasons as to why we decided to quit meat – maybe your doctor told you to cut down on meat, perhaps you read about the harmful effects of consuming meat, or simply, the effects of the animal industry on the environment shook you. The reason could be anything – but on days when you feel you can’t resist the temptation, remember this reason and keep going.

Go Easy on Yourself

Those who are hard-core meat-eaters (those who require meat in every meal they consume, 365 days of the year) have to start with baby steps. Start with quitting one meat type at once. Start with the most favorite meat-type – whether it’s chicken, beef, pork, or lamb meat – give it up completely. Tick off one meat at a time and give yourself a month until you are totally done with them all. Remember, it takes 21 days for something to become a habit – once you’re past the 21 days, you’d be good to go!

Fulfill Your Protein Requirements

There are so many plant-based sources of protein out there. So if you feel your body is craving for the processing which it would otherwise get from meat, swap the meat with plant-based protein foods. Tofu, seitan, or tempeh are great substitutes. Every meat type has a vegan substitute – all you need to do is find them and replace them right away!

Experiment With Vegan Recipes

While meat recipes are lip-smacking, nothing’s stopping us from creating the same tasty recipes with vegan ingredients. For this, we need to step into the kitchen and experiment with all we can with these vegan alternatives. If you’re looking for vegan restaurants, click here the discover the best ones!

Summing Up how to going meatless

With these meatless made easy ideas, we hope we can stick to the decision to quit meat forever. Do try out these tips and tricks to going plant-based, and let us know how your vegan journey goes.

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