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How To Start a Healthy Lifestyle? Calories & Clean Eating



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If you’re reading this post, I’m sure you’re one of the many people out there looking for ways and means to reboot and start living a better, healthier life. And let me tell you, living a healthy lifestyle is not as tricky as they portray it to be!

As you may imagine, it has also been quite a journey for me too! But kickstarting a healthy lifestyle can be a simple, gradual process, which you need to enjoy rather than stress about if you stick to some simple tricks and tips I am more than happy to share with you! ?

Now coming back to our initial question – How to start a healthy lifestyle?

Before we begin, here’s a thing we need to remember – if starting a healthy lifestyle from scratch, the switch would be initially tough. We will have to train the mind to start with a healthy lifestyle and stick to it.

While there are a couple of easy ways to be healthier, I’ll be picking food consumption first. The reason is pretty obvious; the food you eat constitutes a significant portion of your overall lifestyle. When it comes to food, we have two main aspects to consider – Calories and Clean Eating.

Let’s get started with the calories.


The whole logic of “calories in = calories” out is derived from the First Law of Thermodynamics, which states that energy is constant and cannot be created or destroyed. I’ll break it down for you – it merely says that if you don’t burn out the calories you take in, you will put on weight. But what happens to these calories later, when they are ingested? That’s still an unanswered question.

Let’s take an example to help you understand better. We’re aware 1 pound of fat equals 3500 calories, which means 5 pounds equals 17,500 calories. Going by the “calories in = calories out” concept; if you have to lose 5 pounds over 10 days, you have to burn 1750 calories per day! Now burning off 1750 calories is no joke; to burn it, you would have to run 17 miles a day, that too, without consuming anything extra! ?

That is just not possible – which is also why the “eat less, move more” concept fails miserably. You would always have this urge to eat more just because you are consuming more energy. If you give in to these round-the-clock hunger pangs, you will end up putting on more weight instead!

So what’s the way out? It’s easy-breezy – focus on reducing the sugar and processed foods. Both pile up in different parts of our bodies, thanks to all the crappy junk food we consume. Replace the junk with a high-fibre and nutrient-based diet. This, in turn, would maintain your insulin levels, keeping fat storage in check.

Clean Eating

By now, we have all pretty well understood the importance of discarding junk from your diet and eating clean. Include lots of fresh veggies and legumes in your diet, and you will note a visible change in your overall health. Mix and match seasonal fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices for healthy, nutritious meals. 

Clean eating will rejuvenate your system inside out – expelling the fat stored inside your body while keeping you fresh and radiating on the outside! Burning those stubborn calories is a lot easier when you eat light, energy-laden foods. By eating clean, you will achieve your workout and weight loss targets a lot faster than usual.

Instead of falling for the different diet trends out there, do yourself a favour and resort to clean eating for a while – seeing the benefits of clean eating, I’m sure you’ll follow this healthy eating pattern for the rest of your life.

In the end, it’s all about what we consume – eat well, eat clean, and you’ll be fit and fine! This is the perfect way to start a healthy lifestyle.

Eager to start? I get you! Find all you need for a quick start here!

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