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Sustainable and Plant-based Lifestyle influencer shares the difference between juices and smoothies, which one is healthier?

Juices vs Smoothies



What is healthier a Juice or a Smoothie? Keep reading to discover it!

The debate over what is better, if having a juice or a smoothie, has been out there for a while. Both juicing and smoothies can be potent methods to give the digestive system a break, reduce inflammation, and fight chronic disease. If done correctly, both are forms of packing in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in a single glass.

The best way to know what suits you best is to understand the main difference between them, so let’s dive in!

Here’s the difference:

  1. Fiber vs. absorption speed A smoothie retains the pulp and insoluble fibers from fruits and veggies, whereas a juicer discards it, keeping the other nutrients. As we already know, fiber is essential. It helps slow down digestion, leaving us feeling full for longer, keeping blood sugar steady, feeding the friendly gut bacteria, and reducing cholesterol. Therefore the smoothie wins for us here. On the other hand, when we juice, all of the remaining nutrients flow very quickly into the bloodstream (as there is no fiber slowing down this process), sparing the digestive system any work and allowing for rapid absorption.

2. Produce requirements As juices discard the produce’s pulp, a larger volume of veggies (and hence nutrients) can fit in a single shot! On the other hand, smoothies allow you to add delicious ingredients such as avocados, some seeds for extra protein, or specific supplements, such as high-quality probiotics.

3. Equipment requirement. To juice, we’ll need a juicer, which is pretty much all it does. And a good one can be expensive. However, we love this one at a great price! Whereas a smoothie can be made with a blender, which will make the best smoothies and serve as a fantastic kitchen appliance you will use time and time again. When looking for a new blender, make sure to look for high-speed blenders. They can be a bit more expensive, but you will notice the difference. First, the results are excellent, hummus-like store-bought, and smoothies just like your favorite smoothie bar. But also, they are great protecting us against oxidation. With a high-speed blender, ingredients are less exposed to oxidation, helping us fight free-radicals and therefore aging.

4. More veggies, please. Whether you are juicing or blending, you want to stick to a max of one serving size of the fruit. Think one apple if you are juicing or one banana if you are smoothie-ing. This is especially important if you are juicing. Else, you’ll get all the sugar from the fruit without the fiber, and your blood sugar will go through the roof and come crashing down. 

Summing up

What is more healthy a Juice or a Smoothie? Both juicing and smoothies can be health-supportive if done correctly, which means very little fruit and loads of veggies. If you are having a smoothie, think of that as a meal. Juice can be considered as a supplement if you stay very low in fruit. It can be a great way to boost your energy (pre-or post- workout) and support your digestive system without taxing it.

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