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Kale 101 - Benefits and How to Prepare it at eosia

Kale 101 – Benefits and How to Prepare it



Discover all the benefits of kale and how to cook them to include them in your diet in simple delicious and nourishing ways!

We’ve talked about how kale is one of the best energy-boosting superfoods. Now, let’s have a deeper insight into kale and why we need to include more of it in our diets. Also, kale is super easy to add to our meals – it doesn’t take much to prepare or cook. There are many ways to cook kale while keeping its nutritional content intact – and we will also be discussing all of those.

Can’t wait to include it in your diet? check out this simple kale recipe!

So, let’s get started with Kale explained: Benefits and how to prepare it –

Benefits of Kale

Loaded with Antioxidants

Like other leafy vegetables, kale is also loaded with lots of antioxidants. It includes quercetin, kaempferol, flavonoids, and polyphenols – each of which is super beneficial to combat free radicals in our bodies. Once our bodies are better equipped to deal with oxidative stress, the risk of falling prey to inflammation-based diseases also reduces.

Excellent Source of Vitamin C

Compared to the other members of the leafy greens family, kale has a lot of vitamin C content. In fact, kale has 4.5 times higher content as compared to spinach! This helps boost our immunity, helping our bodies deal with bacteria and viruses that enter our systems. Also, vitamin C helps synthesize collagen, which is super beneficial for glowing skin and strong hair. So for those looking for that youthful glow, you now know which ingredient to include in your diets!

High in Fiber

As kale is high in fiber and low in fat, it helps reduce cholesterol levels. While cholesterol is essential for our bodies as it helps produce bile, we need to keep a check on our bad cholesterol levels. And kale helps do just that. In addition, thanks to its high fiber content, kale also aids in weight loss, as it helps us stay full for a longer time.

High Vitamin K Content

One of the most essential nutrients for our bodies, vitamin K is critical for blood clotting in our bodies. And kale is one of the best natural sources of vitamin K. One single cup of kale offers around 7 times the daily recommended intake of vitamin K. Those who don’t believe in taking supplements for essential nutrients can always opt for natural sources of vitamin K such as kale.  

Ways to Prepare Kale

Kale Smoothie

This probably has to be the easiest way to prepare kale! We can chop up some kale and some of our favorite smoothie ingredients and add it to the blender and ta-da! You’re ready with a super healthy kale smoothie right away! Some of our favorite kale smoothie ingredients are – bananas, some other fresh fruit, and almond milk. These taste absolutely delicious with kale. And this smoothie is a refreshing way to kick start our day too! Kale is a superfood, and the smoothie is a great way to recharge after a workout session.

Soups and Stews

The high nutritional content of kale and its unique texture makes it a great ingredient in soups. Soups help our bodies absorb nutrition faster (which is also why soups are recommended when we’re ill). All we have to do is chop up the kale, and add it to the soup during the last few minutes. We can then stir for around four minutes and serve immediately – this helps retain the nutritional value and the crunch of kale.

Kale Chips

Kale naturally has a crunch, which makes them ideal for kale chips. The leaves also have a lower water content as compared to other greens. We can roast them in the oven – these baked chips turn out super crunchy and tasty. They are a perfect snack to deal with those untimely hunger pangs. We have to chop the leaves into medium-sized pieces and add some oil and seasoning to the leaves. Once we give them a good toss, we can spread them on the baking sheet and roast them in the oven until crispy.

Sauteed Kale

For those mornings when we don’t have time in hand to whip up a nutritious breakfast, sauteed kale is the perfect fix. Roughly chop the leaves, add some oil and salt and give the chopped leaves a quick toss, and we’re good to go. For those who love extra seasonings, you can also consider adding them as per your taste. We can have sauteed kale with eggs or rice.

Summing Up

It is super easy to prepare kale, and it’s healthy to consume it too – now those two reasons are enough for us to include more kale in our diets, right? So what are we waiting for? Let’s resolve to have more of this member from the leafy green family today onward!

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