Slow food: go local, go sustainable! by Sanzas Chic Kitchen!

Slow food: go local, go sustainable!



What is slow food? The literal opposite of ‘Fast Food’!

You must have heard of the term slow fashion used to describe sustainable practices when it comes to clothes. But do you know about slow food? This term will definitely be a relatively new concept to the SCK community, which is why we will be talking about it in detail today. What is slow food? Who has come up with this concept? These are some of the things we will discuss at length in today’s post.

Quality vs. quantity

The Slow Food movement has been initiated by the Slow Food International organization. Although it was founded in 1986, this organization has gotten its due attention only recently. The movement asks us to take it slow when it comes to the consumption of food – an integral part of our lives. It reminds us of the local food we have in abundance and the importance of traditional cooking.

We can put it this way – Slow Food is the literal opposite of ‘Fast Food’, something that we end up consuming so often in our everyday lives. The whole idea of the movement was to preserve traditional and regional cuisine, which we all have very easy access to. The concept also encourages the farming of plants, seeds, and livestock keeping in mind different factors of the local ecosystem.

The movement also lays emphasis on the quality of food rather than quantity. It is against the overproduction of food and its wastage. The slow food definition is simple – go local, go sustainable.

Adopting and implemeting the movement!

There are many restaurants out there that are actively adopting and implementing this concept. The team SCK, were fortunate enough to come across one such restaurant- Rasoterra in Barcelona, Spain. This vegan bistro focuses on recipes only from seasonal, organic, and local produce. The restaurant has taken all measures to implement this concept – so much so they have a market garden from where they source most of the vegetables they cook with.

Moreover, even the bread here is made with mother dough, which takes a lot of time to bake. But there’s no hurry here – just quality food that tastes absolutely delicious. Instead of mineral water, they serve you water that is microfiltered using reverse osmosis.

While there are certain countries where the concept of slow food is really picking up, in USA still has a long way to go. We’re so used to fast food and other unhealthy ways of cooking and consumption that it will take us a while until we actually realize the importance of the concept of slow food.

We don’t really need to visit a restaurant in another country to experience slow food – that’s the best part. It allows everyone to contribute in their own way. The best way to follow this lifestyle is to bring it into our homes, right in our kitchens. If we decide to use local, seasonal, and organic produce to prepare our everyday meals, we too, can actively take part in this amazing movement. 

Slow food: go local, go sustainable! by Sanzas Chic Kitchen!

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