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The New Spring Workout Pieces That Will Get You Excited About Exercising Outside Again!



Don’t miss this selection of Spring Workout Pieces!

The Spring season is just around the corner! And with Spring comes the time of starting to live more outside, which includes exercising more outdoors. Let yourself be seduced by these workout pieces and find the way to be motivated!

We understand that we can feel a bit lazy with this still cold temperature to leave the gyms behind and hit the streets.

That is why we have curated the key items for this spring season to facilitate the transition. All these workout pieces are easy to layer, and above all, we are sure that you will want to go out to show them off!

Excited about trying your new workout clothes for this spring 2021, but no so excited about feeling tired?

Recovering from a training session faster or finding that your body responds to your daily-super-busy life is more than just a drink, it’s a lifestyle, choices we do every day and that I will be more than happy to develop some other time. Nevertheless, choosing the perfect post-workout snack can definitely help!

There is a window just after exercise of about 45 min, known as the fuel window, which is the best time to consume high-quality food. If you feed your muscles within that window, they will be able to absorb the carbs in the food better, leading to a much faster recovery.

To speed recovery, what we want to focus on is entering high-quality food into our bloodstream as quickly as possible just after the exercise. Therefore we are looking for a snack with very low levels of fat and no fiber. As the body is fatigued due to training, it can find it difficult to digest, so liquids are a great idea!

Intrigue? Find out the perfect post-workout drink recipe here:

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