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5 Best Products to Conquer Your Energy at eosia

5 Best Products to Conquer Your Energy



Does the word “superfood” scares you? Read this accessible guide to superfoods and conquer your Health and Energy easily and enjoyably!

If we go through any diet or nutrition-related articles, we’re sure to come across the word ‘super food’. It does make us a question – what is so special about these foods that have earned them this tag of superfoods? Why are these foods so popular in the present day, where every other person would recommend we consume them? Well, let’s decode! 

Superfoods are termed like this because they have high nutritional content and can boost our energy levels instantly. These foods offer comprehensive nutrition to our bodies – they help combat inflammation, are loaded with antioxidants, and overall, increase our energy levels. 

The best part about these foods is that they are delicious as well! This is also one reason why these foods come under the superfoods category – they do not compromise on taste or nutrition! So if you’ve been looking for superfoods to add to your diet, we’ll list our favorites below. Not only because of their versatility when it comes to incorporating them into the diet, but also because they are affordable and easy to find. For a long time, nutrition gurus have been obsessed with foods that come from other parts of the world, typically expensive and usually in powder form. Today we want to give another vision of these foods to help you conquer your energy, so let’s start.


We absolutely love everything about blueberries – and that’s part of the reason why these luscious berries are at the top of this list! Apart from their taste, blueberries are also packed with high nutrition content. They have loads of antioxidants and other essential nutrients, which is why they work as an instant energy booster.

Blueberries have lots of vitamin A which is excellent for eye health. Likewise, you also have vitamin C, which works as an immunity booster. Further, they are rich in fiber, which helps alleviate ailments related to the gut. Blueberries also include folate, magnesium, and potassium, which improve your overall health.


Avocado lovers, a show of hands, please! Avocados have shot to fame as the best superfood, thanks to the excellent health benefits they offer. They are not only a source of healthy fats but are also full of essential fibers. So when we consume avocados in any form, they help us feel fuller for a longer time. 

Avocados are also an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids that work wonders for our hearts’ health. Avocados also help alleviate oxidative stress, which makes them anti-inflammatory as well. The excellent nutritional levels of avocado also reduce our risk of various lifestyle ailments.


Feeling low on energy? Cook up a bowl of lentils, have it, and just watch how energized you feel in no time! Lentils are an excellent source of many vital minerals and vitamins. Those following a plant-based diet need to include more lentils in their meals as it is an excellent source of plant-based protein. 

The best part about lentils is that there are so many varieties that you’ll never get bored of eating the same thing over again. Looking to achieve your happy weight? Lentils are what you need to add to your diet, as they are rich in fiber and protein. 

Discover our favorite Lentil soup: The Namaste!


Loaded with healthy fats, fibers, and proteins, almonds are the quick go-to snack you can always rely on for an energy boost. In addition, the healthy fats in almonds help reduce the harmful cholesterol levels in our bodies while helping us deal with untimely hunger pangs.

The fiber aids in digestion, helping maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Consuming almonds frequently keeps constipation and other gastrointestinal ailments at bay. The almonds also help digest food better, resulting in better nutrition absorption in our bodies. Almonds are also super beneficial for skin and hair, keeping the skin moisturized and your hair strong.


Will this list even be complete if we don’t mention kale? So here it is – the best of all greens, kale! High in fibers, kale helps aid digestion. You definitely need to include loads of kale in your diet if you constantly suffer from digestive ailments. High in iron, kale boosts the production of hemoglobin in our bodies.

Like other superfoods, kale is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Kale is also super easy to add to our meals – you can eat it raw, in stir fry, or smoothie – the choice is totally yours. 

Summing Up

Whether it’s after a workout or between a tiring workday, these superfoods are perfect options for us to eat whenever we need that instant energy boost. Add them as you want to your meals, and you’ll always be high-on-energy to take on the hustle of the day!

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