Sustainable actions to plan for the Holidays with practical & actionable steps by eosia!

Sustainable Actions to Plan For the Holidays



Discover our sustainable actions to plan for the holidays.

Holidays are around the corner and it’s the time when we’re all carefree and chill. Our routines are gone for a toss; all we care about is good food, good mood! So while holidays have always been about fun, let’s try something different this time around – let’s adopt some sustainable ways into the holiday season!

The question in your mind must be – How to be sustainable during the holidays? Well, it’s not as difficult as it seems! In fact, sustainability and the Holidays season can go hand in hand with just a little effort from our end. We’ve listed down some sustainable actions that we can all implement as we step into the holiday season. Let’s get started.

Invest in Energy-Saving Lights

What’s the festive season without lights? In fact, lights are an essential part of the holiday season – the first ones to go up and the last to be taken down! But, this time, we can choose energy-saving lights, instead of the traditional ones we’ve been using all these years.

This way, we can have a festive vibe while saving on electricity consumption too! Now that’s a great way to have fun while doing your bit towards the planet.

Ditch the Wrapping Paper

We all love our gifts wrapped in shiny, glitzy wrapping paper without realizing this isn’t an eco-friendly practice. Many may even say, ‘but we use paper wrappings’. But, even that isn’t sustainable – the best way out is to not use any disposable wrapping at all.

Instead of choosing the typical gift wrapping paper, we can choose silk or recited cotton scarves, bandanas, bright pages of the newspapers, and other creative stuff to wrap gifts instead! It’s time to go creative with the wrappings!

Opt for Eco-friendly Gifts

Now that we’re talking about gifts let’s also look at how we can give gifts sustainably. Choosing local brands that craft eco-friendly products are a great alternative to fancy gifts. The best part about these sustainable brands is that they are made and packed in sustainable materials. Not only do these make great gifts, but they are also an excellent way to send out a message to our loved ones.

Make DIY Décor

This would be a great family bonding activity, and we end up with beautiful décor items too!  We can try setting aside some time every day to make these DIY décor ideas, and finally, when the day comes, use them to deck up the Christmas tree!

We can use all-natural and readily available materials to make this décor. A great way to get completely involved in the festive feels!

Summing Up

We can have fun during the holiday season while watching our actions. However, we need to contribute to the environment consciously, as climate change and its effects are fast catching up with us all. Now is the time where we need to rethink all our actions, their consequences and ditch consumerism.

Discover more ways of starting your sustainable journey here.

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