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Sustainable Swimwear Brands For This 2021 Summer by Sanza's Chic Kitchen

Sustainable Swimwear Brands For Summer 2021



Looking for this year’s bikini? Check out our sustainable swimwear selection!

What’s not to love about summers? We get to hog all the cool foods, hit the beach, and more importantly, flaunt our summer special apparel! If you, too, love summer just as much as everyone here at SCK does, this article is just for you. We’ve already picked our favorite sustainable swimwear brands for this year! Today, we’ll be talking about one essential part of everyone’s summer wardrobe – swimwear.

And when it comes from team SCK, you already know that we’ll be talking about sustainable swimwear. The whole idea of sustainable swimwear is to revel in the carefree spirit of summer while doing our bit to the environment too. But before we begin talking about sustainable swimwear brands, let’s understand what sustainable swimwear is.

What is Sustainable Swimwear?

Sustainable swimwear, unlike regular swimwear, is made keeping the environment in mind. This swimwear is made using recycled fibers, and the process is mostly zero-waste. The zero-waste processes employed as well as the fair wages paid to the employees working in these sustainable units make this clothing all the more worth investing in.

We have listed out some of the best sustainable swimwear brands below, for easy reference. These affordable swimsuit brands do not compromise on style and chicness and come up with the uber-cool, trendy sustainable swimwear designs. Now that we are well versed with what is sustainable swimwear, let’s find out which brands manufacture these.

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Which are the Best Sustainable Swimwear Manufacturers?


You know how much we love Everlane. And their swimwear collection is not an exception! It’s apt for those who wish to make a style statement on the beach. Every design created by Everlane is keeping in mind the requirements of the modern woman and her active lifestyle. The brand has come up with a range of one-pieces, and mix and match tops and bottoms that we can effortlessly flaunt on a beach day out. Most importantly, the material with which all of these amazing designs are created with totally environment-friendly, recycled material.

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These gorgeous swimwear designs look amazing in every body type. For those who love classics with a twist, Andie is the brand you need to go for. Their stylish staples engineered for modern life. Choosing an Andie is an absolute bliss. No more adjusting, tugging, or pulling: just well-made, well-cut suits that look great, keep everything where it should be, and feel so comfortable — you’ll forget you’re wearing anything at all.

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Vitamin A

How about soaking in some Vitamin D while flaunting swimwear from Vitamin A? This beautiful brand offers swimwear in different patterns and bright, vibrant colors, making the one who wears it instantly stand out. The unique fabric textures of this brand are indeed what sets it apart from the rest.

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Summing Up

These sustainable swimwear brands are an absolute reason to cheer. We finally have designers who are not only concerned about fashion, but also the environment. And there’s nothing better than flaunting clothes that make us look good while helping us contribute to the environment in our small ways. So, Team SCK has picked out our summer favorites from these brands – what are you waiting for? Simply make your pick and get beach ready!

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