fresh artichokes - What to eat in May?

What to Eat in May – Find out!



fresh artichokes

Get the most of your Spring produce with this guide of How to Eat in May!

We’ve already discussed elaborate Spring products in the previous months, and now, it’s time for the Month of May. How to eat in May is what we have to focus on this month – which fruits and vegetables can we pick from the spring farmer’s market and make part of the diet in this month is the key question.

So today, we will be talking about the spring fruits and vegetables which form part of the May produce. Let’s find out more about these fresh fruits and veggies:


Loaded with essential nutrients, artichokes are high in fiber and low in cholesterol. The fiber in artichokes makes it a must-have for those suffering from digestive ailments. They help maintain the good cholesterol levels in the body while cutting down on the bad cholesterol in the body. These vegetables have properties that help regulate blood pressure levels too. This Mediterranean plant is known for its immense health benefits. I’ts perfect to eat in may, so add as much as you want into your recipes!


Potatoes, if eaten right, can be tremendously helpful for our health. They contain antioxidants such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acids, which help reduce oxidative stress in the body. Once the oxidative stress reduces, the risk of falling prey to heart ailments or lifestyle diseases dips. Potatoes help maintain digestive health and fasten the weight loss process too. They help feel full for a longer time, making it a perfect snack for those untimely hunger pangs.


Extremely nutritious, apricots are low in calories and high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Rich in antioxidants, apricots help to maintain the glow on our skin too. Thanks to the ample amount of vitamin A offered by apricots, they promote eye health too. Super hydrating, apricots are rich in fiber, making them suitable for weight loss too.


Apples are one of the most popular fruits and offer impressive health benefits. They are a rich source of polyphenols and other essential elements such as manganese, copper, and vitamins A, E, and B. To get the most of apples, try consuming them without peeling off the skin – as that’s where most of the fiber lies. This fiber is great for gut health and would help get rid of other digestive ailments too. Apples are not energy-dense, yet they are super filling thanks to the fiber and volume. It’s not just for anything that they say – an apple a day keeps the doctor away – the health benefits that this fruit offers justify the statement too!

Summing Up

Consuming season-specific local produce is the best thing we can do for our well-being. This produce is fresh, delicious and costs less too. So what’s stopping us from incorporating these spring fruits and veggies in our regular meals? Time to get creative with those spring-themed meals!

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