Sustainable and Vegan Lifestyle influencer shares the secrets and benefits of how sleeping can change your life!

Why should we LOVE sleeping?



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“Have a good night’s sleep” Today we are going to talk about what are the benefits of sleeping.

We often say this to each other because no matter what time you doze off at night, a peaceful slumber is what we all ultimately want! And why not? Sleeping well has so many splendid benefits of its own!

We’ve got the most commonly asked sleep-related questions answered for you. Read ahead to know more.

Does Sleep Help me Maintain my Weight?

Yes, it does! If you’re wondering what the direct relation between sleep and your weight is, here is the logic – a proper sleep regulates hormones that work on improving your appetite. These hormones work to curb your sugar cravings and untimely hunger pangs.

Does Sleep Affect my Mood?

Lack of sleep can make you irritable without even knowing why. You’d blame the world for your irritability, but not sleeping well is the only reason why you seem to be so on-edge. Sleeping well keeps you calm and composed, rather than tired and frustrated.

Sleep and concentration – is there a connection?

Sleep is directly associated with an improved attention span and focus. So, if you’re wondering why something simple is taking you a lot of time to deal with, it’s probably because you haven’t slept well! Sleep it off and you’d be surprised how easily and quickly you could tackle the same thing!

Sleeping well also boosts your memory power. Forgetfulness has forever been associated with a lack of sleep. If things keep slipping your mind, it may not be because you have poor memory – just go and sleep for a while! Your brain and body need relaxation and function well after a sound sleep.

Is Sleep Linked to Overall Health?

It definitely is. Sleeping well keeps you relaxed at all times. Your blood pressure stays under control, you are always in a stress-free state of mind. Sleeping well also strengthens your immune system, giving your body the strength to fight off all diseases. It also helps to drastically cut down the risk of diabetes and heart ailments, which are lifestyle diseases. Similarly, those who sleep well are also less likely to fall prey to old-age ailments such as Alzheimer’s.

What Should I do to Sleep Well?

1. Eat in the Proper Proportion –

Sleeping on an overfull tummy is not easy. You will have a sleep tormented with acidity and other issues. It’s best to have a light dinner that’s easy on your stomach. This would help you have a sound sleep.- Looking for healthy ideas? Grab these ones! 

2. Cut Down on Screen Time –

An hour before you sleep, keep aside all your gadgets. Instead, listen to calm, soothing music. Or pick that novel and start reading it. While we’re at reading, you can also try reading this beautiful book by Dr. Mathew Walker – Why We Sleep. Reading it will give you better insights into why sleeping well is important and how it impacts you in so many ways you cannot even imagine!

Sleeping well is essential to keep not only your mind, but also your body healthy. It gives your body the time to recover and your think tank some time to rejuvenate. Try maintaining a proper sleep schedule. Night-outs and sleepovers once a while are perfectly okay, but try making sure you recover the lost sleep.

Hope you enjoy this & you really know now all the benefits of sleeping! I’m curious, what are your night tips?



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