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There’s Good News About Climate Change! Discover them &get empowered to keep on going! by eosia

Yes, There’s Good News About Climate Change!



Discover the good news about climate change and get empowered to keep on going!

One look around the environment we live in is all it takes for us to know where we are heading. And let’s face it – the signs aren’t positive. We are bombarded with so many horrifying episodes of floods, tsunamis, cyclones, and earthquakes. It just makes us realize that the efforts that we are taking aren’t enough as compared to the pace with which climate change is affecting us. And as we feel disheartened watching, listening, and taking in all this news from across the world, we’re giving you some reason to cheer up! Because along with all this disturbing news, there is good news about climate change, too!

Over the past two years, while the world was reeling under the pandemic, nature healed – if not completely, to a much greater extent. But the speed at which nature showed signs of recovery was astonishing –  decades of damage started to heal, in less than two years. This only shows us how resilient nature is!

As we were all stuck in the confines of our home (and our cars in the confines of our garages!), there was a 50% reduction in car travel across the world. This resulted in clear blue, pollution and smog-free skies – a sight we hadn’t witnessed in so many years.

And this isn’t the only happy news – we’ve got a couple more that will surely make your day! Let’s find out:

Rehabilitation of Sea Turtles

Endangered turtle species play an important role in ocean health. And increasing their presence in the ocean is important. And that’s exactly what the Turtle Rehabilitation Project did! They released 30 sea turtles into the Arabian Gulf. These turtles were rescued and tended to by experts, before returning them to their natural habitat.

Rare Seahorse Spotted

The ultra-rare long-snouted seahorse was spotted by British biologists near Plymouth. While this seahorse does not feature in the IUCN Red List, it has been a part of the vulnerable species for quite a long time. Spotting this seahorse in its habitat is definitely worth cheering about, as seahorses – irrespective of their species – are an asset to the ocean ecosystem.

Extinct Orchid Species Reappears

An orchid species that was thought to be extinct over the years has now reappeared in London. Amusingly enough, it’s thriving on the rooftop garden of a Japanese investment bank in the UK. As Mike Waller, a practicing geologist puts it forth – this is clear evidence that with patience and dedication, even the most unlikely places can become havens for some of our rarest wildlife.

Regeneration of Two New Woodlands in the UK

Not by humans, but animals! Animals such as grey squirrels, jays, mice have helped rewild two abandoned farmlands in Cambridgeshire. These animals were the primary dispersal mechanism for acorns and both the pieces of land now show over 50% oak coverage. Passive rewilding is an amazing way to reforest abandoned areas, as it is low impact and cost-effective, too.

Summing Up

These small, but impactful bits of news are indeed enough to prove that the efforts of a small population of people who actually care about the planet are paying off. It’s an indication – if we all take action, we can do this together and definitely make a greater impact. And remember, the most effective measure and what we can do to help the planet is to abandon the consumption of animal products. GoVegan!

Take action and help the planet! Get inspired here to keep the good work going! Remember Happy You Happy Planet!

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