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How to Build the Perfect Smoothie

There are so many reasons to love smoothies – they’re healthy, tasty, and most importantly, they’re quick to whip up! All you have to do is add your favorite ingredients to the juicer and ta-da – we have a lip-smacking smoothie right there. But hold on, irrespective of how healthy smoothies are, there’s one thing we tend to forget – the ingredients and proportion of the ingredients that go into the smoothie.

Nailing the perfect smoothies ratio is key – only then can we boast about how healthy our smoothie is! Today we will be talking about how to make the perfect smoothie – what goes into making a super healthy (and tasty!) smoothie while maintaining its nutritional content. Let’s have a sneak-peek into the four essential elements of the perfect smoothie:

A Generous Quantity of Veggies and/or Fruits

Veggies and fruits are the souls of any given smoothie -so much so that we cannot imagine our smoothies without a good quantity of them. But here’s the deal – we need to keep an eye on the quantity of fruit that we add to our smoothies. The rule is simple – no more than two servings of fruit per beverage.

Green leaf veggies such as kale, broccoli, or baby spinach are excellent choices. All them blend perfectly well and they provide the amount of fiber necessary to kick off the the day and keep us satiated until the next meal.

Regarding the fruits, we can opt for fruits with edible skins as much as possible, as these fruits are high in fiber. Thanks to this, the blood sugar levels won’t spike instantly, releasing energy thought the day steadily.

Another commonly asked question is fresh or frozen – which fruits are better? Both are equally great – if you can’t get your hands on fresh fruit, simply opt for the frozen ones. When fresh fruit is flash-frozen, it actually helps retain more nutrients as compared to the fresh counterparts.


A Little Bit of Healthy Fat

Fat-free smoothies may be trending out there, but here’s what we all need to know – a dash of healthy fat to your smoothie is a must. So whether it’s coconut milk, almond butter, or cashew yogurt, we don’t really need to feel guilty about adding fat into our smoothie. And more importantly, these are healthy fats – not only will they give the smoothie a creamy texture, but they will also work wonders for the brain, skin, and hormones. This fat-inclusive smoothie is quite filling too, helping keep hunger at bay for long hours.

A Dash of Fiber

What’s a smoothie without fiber? Critical for long-burning fuel, fiber boosts metabolism, while improving the health of your gut. Quite a few of us prefer having smoothies instead of breakfast, lunch, or dinner – and fibers play an important role for us all too. Stocking up on fibrous foods such as leafy greens, seeds, or other seasonal vegetables and adding these to smoothies is the best.

We don’t really need to worry about a change in flavor, as most of the leafy greens, seeds, and vegetables have a neutral taste. Time to add all things fiber into our smoothies!

And Finally, Some Protein

The perfect smoothie formula includes just enough plant-based protein too. Proteins are great energy boosters and help maintain energy for a long time. We can add different plant-based proteins, such as peas, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, or even hemp hearts to our smoothies to make them protein-rich.

Summing Up: How to make the perfect smoothie

The best part of smoothies is that we can experiment all we want, add ingredients as we wish to. All we need to keep in mind are these four elements – these are the base of every perfect smoothie recipe!

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