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Plant-based: How Does Your Body Change?



Discover the benefits and how your body change after switching to a plant-based diet

The recent documentary ‘The Game Changers’ has managed to change the perception of what a plant-based eater looks like. People across the world now realize that plant-based proteins are a lot more effective than animal-based proteins.

This documentary was a reason why many bodybuilders took the effort to look up the effects animal protein had on their bodies. As compared to an animal-based diet, a plant-based diet is way more beneficial.

But what exactly are the plant-based body changes? Let’s understand them better:

Plant-based diets have an immediate positive impact on our bodies. To keep track of these changes, it is advisable to check the blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other essential levels in the body. This would help keep track of the effects of the new diet regime. For example, the consumption of fruits and veggies helps reduce cholesterol levels within a week. The reason is simple – plants have zero cholesterol levels and much lower saturated fat content.

Steering clear of processed foods and consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes will also help stabilize blood pressure levels. Avoiding sugar and refines carbs will also help achieve our happy weight. Sugar, oil, and salt are the primary culprits – so if we manage to cut them down, our overall health would improve significantly.

The initial few weeks can be tough – no doubt about that. After all, we’re changing our lifestyle, and that can take some time. But here’s a reason to cheer – over time, the taste buds get adapted to our new way of eating. After this, our bodies would no longer crave the processed and harmful food we sued to eat.

This is the point of realization that our bodies function much better when we are on a plant-based diet. We’ll be buoyant, high on energy, and feel fresh inside out. Within a month, the other vitals of the body will start normalizing. Glowing, youthful skin is another benefit of switching over to a high-fiber diet. Also, these diets have a remarkable impact on sexual performance too. The final and most rewarding effect of a healthy, whole-food diet is clog-free arteries. It will take almost a year for this to ultimately happen, so patience is the key. So, let’s dive in and discover how will your body change after switching to a plant-based diet.

Here is the timeline of what to expect when going plant-based:

3 to 4 days after going plant-based:

  • Start heading to the bathroom more regularly

Fiber is essential for digestive wellness, among many other things, and because only plants contain fiber, you’ll notice that your bowel movements become more regular after eating whole plant-based foods.

1 week after going plant-based:

  • Cholesterol levels will lower

As they say in the documentary mentioned above; ‘The Game Changers’ after just one week of eating only plants, a group of firefighters celebrated a drop in their cholesterol. 

  • Blood pressure will go back to normal

A single week of eating a total plant diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes can often reduce blood pressure by 10 mmHg or more and allow medications to be reduced.

2 weeks after going plant-based:

  • Start to swift towards the happy weight

Studies show that by average weight loss after transitioning to a whole-food, plant-based diet is about a pound a week. Some people, though, may lose two or three pounds a week, if they also stay off the simple carbs and sweets. 

Here we have to point out that going plant-based doesn’t mean going only vegan and having sodas, vegan burgers, and vegan sweets. Going whole-food plant-based means eating as much as unprocessed foods as possible and prioritizing fresh veggies and fruits over the rest. 

3 weeks after going plant-based:

  • You’ll have more energy

Eating red meat and egg yolks can lead to a spike in unhealthy gut molecules that are created when you eat meat. when going Plant-based abnormal TMAO levels can return to normal in just four weeks giving you more energy. Apart from what we already mentioned here.

4 weeks after going plant-based:

  • The complexion will improve

Reducing inflammatory foods from the diet, helps to clear acne, as that’s the main reason they are there.

6 weeks after going plant-based:

  • Sex life will improve

Yes, you read that right! The same circulatory system that blocks arteries can also affect the smaller vascularity below the waist.

1 year after going plant-based:

  • Arteries will be less clogged

The longer you stay plant-based, the more your blood vessels can recover. What was once narrowing and constricting healthy blood flow begins to open up, in some cases, so year after year, your heart disease or symptoms can actually reverse themselves.

Summing Up

A high-fiber, vegan diet has proved to be beneficial not only to sports persons and bodybuilders but also to ordinary people. For those who are yet wondering whether they should switch to plant-based foods – you are one decision away from a completely different life—a life where you’ll be healthy, happy, and energetic. Now that you know how a plant-based diet will change your body and all its benefits. What do you think? Chuck the ifs and buts, and simply take the decision – we assure you, it’s totally worth it!

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