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The Essential Beauty Guide

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Many of the books and films I enjoyed as a kid were about potions, enchants, and magic. There is something special about the ability to create remedies on your own that have unique effects; at least it fascinates me! I guess that’s why I love this book; ever since I bought it, it has been one of my references when looking for beauty and skincare solutions. It’s for me an essatial guide to natural beauty.

If you want to feel a bit more like the Owens or the Halliwell sisters, keep on reading, especially if you know what I’m talking about!


Amy Galper & Christina Daigneault. Amy is the founder of the first Aromatherapy School in NYC, the New York Institute of Aromatherapy. When asked, she always says that her passion lies in facilitating the magic that happens when we learn to find healthier ways to take care of ourselves, others, and the world around us. Which is a statement the profoundly resonates with me! 

Christina’s story is quite remarkable. She is an attorney who discovered the benefits of natural beauty and plant-based medicine by representing health and wellness brands and applying natural practices to her own life.


I think it’s a great book to start during the Fall-Winter season. Shorter days invite us to spend more time at home and explore all the recipes and solutions that this book provides. The side effects are incredible; you will make it to Spring with the best skin ever!


Because we all know that natural, high-quality cosmetics can be quite expensive. And sometimes we only need a mask, a quick-fix, or a punctual solution, so you don’t need the whole jar that, probably after one use, will just die of boredom on the shelf, right? And what can be better and more satisfying than preparing it at home?


What you will find inside are more than 50 easy-to-follow recipes to make your own plant-based skincare and beauty products such as almond milk facial cleanser, vitamin-rich hair health serum, or a delicious Choc-o mint lip balm! 

My absolute favorite? The coconut whip makeup remover! It’s as indulgent as having the whole ice-cream pint for yourself after a long day, but without the extra calories and added sugars!


Anytime! Every time I have 5 minutes of downtime, I go back to this book and pick any recipe! I know I’m going to enjoy the process, always simple, always easy (You know I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise), and I love anticipating the pleasure of treating myself with some home-spa time. 

BUT the best is the results! No joke! 


This book is a must-have, it’s an essantial guide to natural beauty, if you don’t believe me, keep reading:

“This book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in keeping their skin, the body’s largest organ, healthy and radiant without using synthetic chemicals,” Tata Haper, cofounder of Tata Harper Skincare.

” A plant-based diet makes you beautiful on the inside, and Plant-Powered Beauty gives you the tools you need to make sure you’re giving your skin the best on the outside” Bobbi Brown.

Get your copy here!

And if you can’t wait to start your creatins, check this one out!


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