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Sanza's Chic Kitchen introduces the the google sustainable feature

Google’s Step Toward Promoting Sustainability



Google adds a sustainable feature and we love it! What about you?

Google’s newest feature is indeed a positive step towards promoting sustainable practices. In fact, as advocates of sustainability, we at Team SCK were delighted when we heard this news. So, what exactly is this new feature everyone is going gaga over? Let’s know more about it!

The whole idea behind this sustainable feature in Google’s Maps and Search products is to enable users to make green choices in their daily lives. Not only will users get to know about sustainable practices adopted by businesses, but they will also know where they can hand over potentially harmful items such as electronics, chemicals, and batteries. The next time we wish to dispose of used clothes, all we have to do is swipe open Google’s Maps or Search feature on our phone, and head to the nearest sustainable store. 

As per Google’s announcement, all Verified Business Partners can upload details of their efforts towards sustainability. They can also list out their recycling practices on the template. Based on this information, users can then curate lists of stores and businesses near them. They can also post these lists publicly for community viewing. This is so that remote or lesser-known restaurants and businesses can be found easily.

Users who visit these businesses, stores, or restaurants can then post their reviews and answer questions related to the sustainability of the place. This will help verify these practices and ensure that the business gets the visibility and promotion it deserves.

The first step towards being environmentally friendly.

This new feature may seem like a small step. However, it will prove to be the first step many users take towards being environmentally friendly. The concerns around climate change are so pressing that such baby steps towards promoting sustainable consumption are more than welcome. And what better way to do this than an initiative by the biggest tech giant in the world?

Back in March, Google introduced another interesting feature – redirecting travelers to eco-friendly routes using different types of base data such as traffic, incline, and other aspects. This was done in an attempt to reduce greenhouse emissions induced due to transport. 

Google’s efforts towards the environment were first noticed by the world in 2007. This was the year when Google became carbon neutral. Recently, however, Google announced that its ‘carbon legacy’ has been eliminated via carbon offsets. This switch of statements earned its share of criticisms, but one cannot really dismiss Google’s efforts towards the conservation of the environment.

Summing Up

Google has been at the receiving end of criticisms due to tax evasions, privacy violations, collaboration with the US military, data sharing, and many reports of worker mistreatment. However, as a tech giant, Google is trying its best to bring reforms into the world – feature by feature.

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