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How to go Zero Waste Without Spending Money by Sanza's Chic Kitchen

How to go Zero Waste Without Spending Money



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All the tips & tricks to get you initiated in going Zero Waste Without Spending Money.

‘Living a sustainable lifestyle is super expensive’ – this is undoubtedly one of the biggest myths of our time. And it’s about time we bust this myth. Sustainability will never burn a hole in our pockets. Instead, it will help us save up on a lot of money we end up wasting on things we don’t even require.

The whole idea of zero waste is to promote mindful living. And mindful living doesn’t have anything to do with money – it’s all about the preferences we make to live a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.
Now the question is – how to go zero waste without spending money? That’s precisely what we will be talking about in-depth today. Today’s post will be a brief introduction to sustainability, along with a few tips as to how to go zero waste without spending any money. Let’s get started:

Borrowing Over Buying Always

Borrowing and sharing clothes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but what’s stopping us from borrowing books, movies, toys, tools, crockery, and appliances? If you know you aren’t much of a handyman, what’s the whole point in investing in a toolbox only for hanging a frame? Simply ask for one whenever you need one!
Instead of buying brand new books, it’s always better to borrow them from friends and family. We can also consider purchasing used copies or simply signing up for a library. At SCK, we love the initiative of leaving books on the streets once they have been read to give them a second life in another home.

Reuse Glass Jars

There are so many benefits of glass jars – first, they are free and come in various shapes and sizes. They can also be very elegant when neatly placed on kitchen shelves or even as a vase for fresh flowers. If you’re running out of jars in your own home, don’t hesitate to knock onto the doors of friends and family!
You can store foodgrains, jams, pickles, stationery items, and anything and everything that you can find in your home. The smaller cute jars can also double up as a pastry or iced teapot. The best part about storing glass jars is that we will never have to buy any plastic storage containers once we start hoarding these jars.

Reuse Fabric

Why spend money on purchasing cleaning cloths, rags, cloth wipes, and other cleaning material when we have loads of it within our home already? Why not think of using old clothes, bedding, and towels as cleaning-cloths?
All we need to do is wash these used clothing items clean and cut them into neat squares. If attention to detail is your thing, you can even consider sewing the edges to give your cleaning cloths a proper, aesthetic look. You can even consider patchwork as a creative option too!

Summing Up

We have just started with a couple of ways to start a zero-waste lifestyle – the list is endless. We hope we’ve got your think tanks activated. So what are we waiting for then? Let’s go ahead and find more interesting ways to live sustainably while saving on our money!

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